Application of elbow flowmeter

A. Characteristics of elbow flowmeter

1. Without additional inserts and throttling parts, it will not cause additional pressure loss of fluid, which is very beneficial to reduce operating costs and increase economic benefits. It is an ideal high-efficiency energy-saving product.

2. Easy installation and low maintenance

The bend sensor can be installed at the natural turning point of the measuring pipe, and it can also be installed on the straight pipe. It is insensitive to trace wear and does not need to be removed for maintenance after installation.

3. Wide application range of elbow flowmeter

The elbow flowmeter can be used to measure any kind of fluid, regardless of whether the measured object is a high temperature, high pressure, or a corrosive fluid. It can be measured on all common industrial pipes DN25~DN1000.

4. Good adaptability to process environment

The elbow flowmeter can work normally in harsh environments such as dust, humidity, vibration, and high temperature.

5. High repeatability

The reflexivity accuracy of the elbow flowmeter is 0.2%, which is suitable for the measurement of process flow and control flow.

II. Media available for elbow flowmeter measurement

Steam system

Steam is generally divided into medium pressure steam and low pressure steam. Medium pressure steam is characterized by high temperature and pressure. The flow measurement of these steams is almost entirely an orifice flowmeter (or a quarter-park nozzle flowmeter). Its main disadvantage is that it has a large resistance loss and is prone to leaks, making maintenance difficult. The elbow flowmeter welding installation method and the lower straight pipe section requirements make it particularly suitable for the measurement of steam flow, so that the major problems of easy leakage of the steam flow measurement device can be fundamentally solved, and there is no advantage of resistance loss, but also Get better economic benefits, wear resistance, long-term operation does not require maintenance and repair, so that the cost of operation and maintenance to a minimum.

For the flow measurement of steam, our company has on-site elbow transformation technology, which is to use the existing elbow transformation on the site to become an elbow sensor for flow measurement. We have achieved many successful examples in this regard, using this technology The application of the elbow flow meter has become very simple, and its measurement accuracy can fully meet the requirements of users.

2. Water system

Underground or semi-underground water pipelines are more durable for flow meter requirements, because overhauling these devices is sometimes very difficult. The water system network is crisscrossed and flow measurement cannot be guaranteed even when the parking is overhauled. For normal maintenance of the device, it is hoped that the water system flow sensor can achieve long cycle, maintenance-free, high-precision and reliable operation after being installed once. The robustness and wear resistance of the elbow flow sensor and its ability to maintain sufficiently high measurement accuracy over a long period of time can be used to maximize its effectiveness.

In the flow measurement of water system, it is necessary to mention the measurement of chemical water flow. For this special medium to be measured, simply select the acid-resistant (alkali) stainless steel elbow sensor to easily solve the flow measurement problem. As for boiler feed water, although the pressure and temperature are relatively high, the flow measurement using the elbow flowmeter is completely free of problems.

3. General gas measurement

General gas measurements include compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, blast furnace gas, and coke oven gas. Some users in the measurement of compressed air like media, in order to save energy and reduce consumption, the general blower motor has been changed to frequency control, used to replace the traditional control of cutting the air flow control of energy consumption, its energy saving effect is certainly obvious, some media Originally, the pipeline pressure was lower, such as gas (only a few kilo-pascals or even lower), but the orifice flowmeter installed to measure the actual inflow would cause additional pressure loss. If the pipe flowmeter is changed to flow measurement, the pressure loss of the pipeline can be further reduced, and better energy saving and consumption reduction can also be achieved.

III. Improvement of measurement technology

Due to the limitations of the actual environment on the industrial site, the on-site installation conditions for many users are very harsh. We have carried out a lot of pioneering work on the field installation method, which has further improved our measurement technology and enabled the practical application of the elbow flowmeter Greater expansion.

1) Installation of elbow flowmeter on straight pipeline

In the narrow installation position of the sensor or where there is no natural turning, we have used the installation technique of the elbow sensor on the straight pipe section for the first time, further broadening the space for use of the elbow flowmeter.

2) Renovation of on-site industrial elbows

Due to the limitations of various conditions, many users hope to use the elbow on the original pipe as the elbow sensor. For this reason, we have done a lot of work on the site and completed the elbow flowmeter on the premise of ensuring the measurement accuracy required by the user. This expansion work. Reduces costs for users and simplifies site installation.

For example, in cooperation with the thermal power plant in Ningbo, the main steam elbow for the export of five boilers and three steam turbines has been transformed. The measurement accuracy of the entire system has reached the strict requirements of the users (level 1.5). In cooperation with the Xiangtan Iron and Steel Plant, the large-diameter air duct (DN1100) was reconstructed. For the first time, a welded elbow (commonly known as “shrimp waist”) was used as an elbow sensor and it was approved by the user.

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