Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Releases 4.0 Series New Products

On January 5th, Zoomlion covered 60 models of agricultural equipment in the mechanization of farming, seeding, tube, harvesting, drying, straw processing, etc. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, leading the layout and determination of 2017 industrial upgrading.

At Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery 4.0 Product Launch Ceremony, PG1404 tractor, RH1004 tractor, PL50 rice machine, 8BZ1 grain combine harvester, FS80 silage machine, and ZL3000 bio-feeding machine were newly opened in 4.0 new agricultural machinery and equipment. Under the veil of mystery, under the strategy of “Made in China 2025”, Zoomlion is committed to becoming a vanguard force in the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and high-end machinery. According to the person in charge of product development of Zoomlion's product introduction, the upgraded 4.0 product is based on "modular platform + intelligent product" as the core, deeply integrated sensing, interconnection and other modern technologies, with the operation of economic efficiency, safe and reliable operation, Intelligent and convenient management, use of green and other features.

Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Releases Series 4.0 Products

Create a modular platform for personalized customization

It is understood that Zoomlion 4.0 agricultural machinery products adopt a modular platform in R&D, manufacturing, and other links, fully utilizing modular design technology, and standardizing the design and production of each subsystem of the product in the form of “modules”, and finally based on The needs of different products are “assembled” to combine products that meet the diverse needs of customers. Using a modular platform, R&D efficiency is greatly improved, product quality is more assured, and use costs are lower.

In order to create high-end farming machinery, Zoomlion integrated global high-end spare parts resources and introduced a variety of new platform tractors to achieve personalized product customization. Among them, the PG1404 intercontinental platform tractor is equipped with a tailor-made software control system, using high-end ECU, TCU controller, and CAN bus control technology; optional automatic tillage depth management system, using integrated sensor technology, Beidou positioning system, to achieve deep loose operation Accurate detection. The RH1004 tractor is specially designed for the water front of the southern paddy field. It has a large steering angle, a small turning radius and good sealing performance. The product is equipped with a customized shock absorber to reduce the frequency of body vibration and make driving more comfortable. The vehicle adopts Beidou navigation integrated acreage meter. Control system, high measurement accuracy and high efficiency.

Users learn more about Zoomlion series of high-end tractor products

In the main grain-producing areas such as the South China and the Central Plains, the differences in planting crops and agronomic and agricultural conditions are large, which raises more diverse demands for harvesting machinery. Zoomlion PL50 rice machine can meet the needs of different users. It can match high-efficiency unloading system with large granary with cover of 1.4 cubic meters, 270 degrees of radial rotation, etc., increase the fuel tank, long working time, higher operating efficiency; product at the same time Optional corn heads, rapeseed cutting heads, lower knife and other devices can be used to achieve a multi-purpose machine to better adapt to different crops.

Zoomlion series rice machine new products can meet the needs of different users

Intelligent Technology Application Leading Industry Revolution Innovation

The other core of Zoomlion 4.0 agricultural machinery products is intelligence, including product intelligence and product “Internet of Things”. Product intelligence is dedicated to making products “self-diagnosis, self-adjusting, and self-adaptive”, allowing devices to have brains, able to perceive external information, and actively thinking; “interconnected things” of products are focused on reconstructing business models and providing customers with Real-time, on-line, and proactive services enable a new transformation from "doing equipment" to "doing equipment, managing equipment, and maintaining equipment."

In 2017, Zoomlion optimized the wheat harvester and introduced new products such as the upgraded TB70 and 8BZ1 grain combine harvesters. The products use more than 20 leading technologies such as reinforced drive axles and single longitudinal flow drum threshing separation devices. , continue to adhering to the "fast operation, high harvest efficiency," the good quality. In addition, Zoomlion also adopted the "Internet + agricultural intelligent service platform" as a supplementary force for Sanxia services, enabling end-users to use only smart phones for repairs, consultations, and view the location and inventory information of the nearest accessories library. , And can locate their own accurate position with the service team in real time, using the fastest time and the shortest path to ensure the timely delivery of services and accessories.

Zoomlion's new wheat machine will further boost the efficiency of San Xia's wheat harvest

In recent years, the country has implemented structural reforms on the agricultural supply side and has strengthened and improved the corn industry through structural adjustment. In areas such as the Northeast and Central Plains, the direct receipt of corn grain has gradually become the mainstream, and Zoomlion CF50 grain direct harvester and 1288 large feed combine harvester have high operating efficiency, and the grain breakage is small and the impurity rate is low, which satisfies different requirements. User needs. In addition, Zoomlion integrated high-end resources, launched the FS80 silo, used hydrostatic drive technology for walking, feeding, and harvesting, and led the industry in feed and shredding equipment. It can harvest more than 160 tons of silage corn per hour.

In order to find a way out of more than 900 million tons of crop stalks in China each year, Zoomlion introduced the ZL3000 bio-feeder, which can quickly and harmlessly treat straw and other wastes, and use unique technology to produce fertilizer. Aquaculture feed, edible fungi cultivation materials, etc., have a wide range of market demand and good economic benefits. The product adopts PLC control system, which can be adjusted according to different materials and temperature. It can be used to remotely control the fertilizer process through the computer. It only needs one person to operate and the operation is more intelligent.

In 2017, China will continue to further promote the supply-side structural reforms and machinery and equipment manufacturing to the high end, and both agriculture and traditional equipment manufacturing industries will face the opportunity of transformation and upgrading. Wang Jinfu, vice president of Zoomlion, told reporters that Zoomlion will firmly grasp the fundamentals of scientific and technological innovation as the overall solution provider of agricultural production mechanization, adhere to institutional innovation, pay close attention to technological product innovation, and explore business models. Innovation contributes to the development of China's agricultural modernization. (This article comes from Zoomlion Click to enter Zoomlion Online Purchase page )

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