China's first set of crawler mobile sand making stations fell to Guangdong

Recently, Xugong Shiweiying and Xugong Research Institute jointly developed a new favorite in the field of mechanism sand and construction waste recycling - the first domestic portable track sanding station PUL1000 in Guangdong to achieve sales, this move not only marks the transformation of Xugong Shi Weiying Another market breakthrough in upgrading new industrial products, the research and development of this product has filled the gap in the domestic market, and the realization of the mechanism of sandstone and construction waste has been realized from “classified sorting and landfill to recycling and recycling”. As a complete set of operation, the green development cycle mode was opened.

"Environmental Magician Family" adds new members

It is reported that this product is another breakthrough in the field of Xugong Group following PUE0810 crawler mobile jaw crushing station, PUF1214 crawler mobile impact crushing station, PUY1300 crawler moving cone crushing station and MSP1561 crawler moving screening station. The equipment has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, intelligent energy-saving, etc. It has many independent intellectual property rights technologies, and its whole machine design has reached the international advanced level. It can be widely used in the treatment of urban construction waste, mining of open pit mines, road and bridge construction. , metallurgy, energy, mining, roads, railways, water conservancy, as well as the fine crushing and sand making operations of high-iron sand and gravel, truly create new business opportunities and reduce production costs for customers, and turn waste into treasure and dedication. A new member of the green "Environmental Magician" family.

Flexible to use, easy to move, customer preferred. The PUL1000 crawler-type mobile sand-making station uses a crawler-going mechanism with a maximum climbing angle of 20° to meet the needs of equipment for transitions in mining and construction waste treatment applications. The feed conveyor and main conveyor can be extended and folded by hydraulic cylinders, which can be folded to meet road transport requirements without the need to remove any other components. The most satisfying thing for customers is that the equipment is driven by pure hydraulic power, eliminating the need for charging and powering, eliminating the embarrassment and inconvenience of using power in remote mines and other places.

“Private customization” to create extraordinary value for customers

It is understood that the order is "private order", and the customer has joined hands with Xugong after purchasing three sets of sandstone complete production lines. Domestic mobile crushing and screening equipment is basically wheeled and electric driven, and customers are eager to customize a crushing and screening device that can meet the mine construction site and technical requirements. Some domestic and international mining equipment manufacturers have indicated to customers that such demand is beyond the existing technical capabilities and cannot be customized. Based on the needs of customers, Xugong combined the long-term research and development experience of Xugong Research Institute to impress customers with an impeccable custom drawing, and finally confirmed this cooperation.

Xugong impressed customers not only because of its profound technology and strong corporate strength, but also because of its continuous customer-centric and value-creating concept. According to the sales person in charge of the product, after adding the device, the customer can get at least three aspects of value return:

First, the production capacity of the entire production line is effectively released. In combination with the three mechanism sandstone equipment purchased in the previous period, the production capacity of the complete production line has been increased from 225t/h to 300t/h, and the whole line has increased by 1/3.

Secondly, the added value of the product is improved across the board. The price of the aggregate produced by the original equipment is only 15-18 yuan/ton. After the equipment is processed and sand-made, the price is increased to 60 yuan/ton, which is three times higher, and no waste is generated in the process. All resources are available. All achieve gain.

Third, to obtain qualifications, the entire line of business can be extended. With the help of Xugong, the application has obtained the construction waste resource management license. On this basis, the original equipment can be directly used in the construction waste treatment to turn waste into treasure, and prepare for the subsequent business development.

Resource recycling, setting a new benchmark for green development in the industry

As the first person to eat crabs, when talking about the cooperation with Xugong Group, the customers in Guangdong deeply felt that “our company was formerly engaged in the processing of marble profiles, and the scraps of scraps were originally sold only when the scraps were cheap. Xugong is not only our business partner, but also our value partner." Indeed, since the purchase of three mechanical sandstone equipment in September 2015, officially entered the field, the original waste of 200 yuan (50 tons) suddenly increased the value of waste into treasure nearly five times, this time again The purchase of new equipment for crawler mobile sand making stations has increased the value to 15 times. This was unimaginable before, and it has changed from “resource consumers” to “resources regeners”.

More importantly, with the further enhancement of human environmental protection and resource recycling concepts, the ban on river sand mining in various regions of the country has also been introduced one after another. The “13th Five-Year Plan” outlines the concept and requirements of green development everywhere. Promote the establishment of economic systems with low resource consumption and low pollution emissions, market incentives and social behavior. Driven by such policies, combined with the rigid demand for urban infrastructure construction, the mechanism of sandstone industry and construction waste recycling will become an inevitable choice and development trend of the industry. Xugong will also lead the development of the industry and open a green development cycle.

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