External Corner Corner Insulation Construction Problem Solving Points

At this stage, the problem of external wall corner insulation construction is still more difficult to solve, or need special corner protection angle to construction, in order to ensure the efficiency and progress of construction, there are several different corner protection nets on the market. The net is a steel net protection angle that is stretched and expanded into a diamond-shaped hole after cutting, and a stainless steel corner net is a corner strip that is punched into a sheet and then bent into a certain angle. This kind of cost is relatively high and domestic use is relatively small. Generally exported to foreign countries, pvc corner mesh is a plastic corner sliver stick grid, because the external wall insulation project originally need to use glass fiber mesh cloth, but the corner can not be bent to 90 degrees At this time, we must use the right angle plastic plastic corner strips to stick to the grid cloth, which can be integrated directly. {Gray forming, very convenient.

Aluminum Extrusion Profile is widely used in the frame of the conveyor system ,assembly shelves, Assembly Line and Assembly TableAluminum extrusion profile is light weight, good mechanical performance,high strenthen and easy to be assembled.There are different dimensions available and the length can be customized. Aluminum extrusion profile also can be heavy duty structure material. Our Clean Room , Conveyor Systems, assembly line, testing line, aging line are all with this material. Aluminum extrusion profile can be cut to any lengths you need. 

aluminum extrusion profile

Aluminum Extrusion Profile

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