15 Years of Good Development of Domestic Medical Devices

15 Years of Good Development of Domestic Medical Devices

Home-made medical care is currently plagued by imported advanced instruments that occupy most of the domestic market, but it is also expected to usher in development opportunities under the support of the government and funds. The development of the first selection of excellent domestic medical devices has laid a good foundation for the localization of medical devices. The use rate of domestic medical devices will gradually increase. The pattern of China's medical device market is expected to change next year.

China's medical devices have a vast market space. The improvement of national policies, economic living standards, and people's health awareness, population aging, product exports, and product replacement all have a major impact on the development of the medical device industry.

Because we saw the potential of domestic medical devices, many venture capitals are pouring into this field. Therefore, medical equipment stocks are highly sought after. Some domestic medical device companies with good momentum are viewed by investors as long-term concerns. .

In fact, the selection of excellent domestic medical equipment carried out by our country has fully studied the status quo of the industry, and the first batch of selected equipment is also very representative. Digital X-ray machines (DR) and color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instruments (Tabletop) and fully automatic biochemical analyzers are the most commonly used equipment in the diagnostic process. Currently, these three types of equipment are mainly imported, accelerating their localization to ease the cost of visiting people and accelerating the medical device industry. Development is of great benefit. Pushing these domestically-made equipment to the market will provide tremendous support for the growth of China's medical device companies.

In China, about 80% of the CT market, 90% of ultrasound equipment, 85% of inspection equipment, 90% of magnetic resonance equipment, 90% of electrocardiographs, 80% of high-grade monitors, 90% of high-grade physiological recorders And 60% of the sleep graph meter market is dominated by multinational brands; while conservative estimates, Siemens, GE and Philips, the three major foreign companies have eaten more than 70% of China's high-end medical equipment market share. The localization of medical devices will gradually change the monopoly market of foreign-funded enterprises, which will be of great significance in accelerating the development of the domestic medical device industry.

With the completion of the selection of the first batch of excellent domestic medical devices, there are already many excellent domestically-manufactured equipment in front of us. Next, China will continue to introduce incentive policies to effectively push domestically-produced medical equipment to medical institutions so that domestic equipment can expand the market. The share, in order to promote the development of domestic medical device companies, through the market to ask them to develop more new products, so as to achieve the development of the entire medical device industry.

In fact, in China's medical device market, the pattern of foreign capital giants and domestic leading enterprises infiltrating each other's spheres of influence has already taken shape.

In April 2009, domestic open-type magnetic resonance and CT representative companies Shenyang Neusoft developed China's proprietary intellectual property (PET) to gain access to the US FDA, and subsequently received six US orders. Next, Neusoft's NeuViz16 multi-slice spiral CT received FDA registration and became the second product to enter the global high-end medical industry. Prior to this, the original ability of Chinese medical device companies was widely questioned and became the biggest weakness of the industry's development. The trend of local company technology upgrading to break through to the upper level market has become more apparent in recent years. In 2011, Mindray Shenzhen invested 18% of its annual revenue in research and development, and it clearly expressed its hope to become a high-end medical equipment manufacturer. And began to enter the mid-to-high-end market occupied by multinational companies; Yu Yue Medical (002223, stock bar) also set up a special laboratory in 2010, from extensive growth to a professional path.

On February 7, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "Innovative Medical Device Special Approval Procedure (Trial)", which is based on the principle of early intervention, special personnel, and scientific approval, and on the premise of no reduction in standards and no reduction in procedures, innovation Medical equipment will be given priority, and the “Specialization of Industrial Revitalization and Technological Transformation” will be jointly drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the Health and Welfare Commission. The total amount of special support funds is 1.5 billion yuan.

At the same time, more and more frequent mergers and acquisitions have begun to release the signal of the internationalization and rapid development of local companies.

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