How to correctly choose the positive and negative reaction of pneumatic control valve

The function of the pneumatic control valve is gas open, gas off two types, open the valve with the signal pressure increases and the opening increases, no pressure signal, the valve is fully open state, the gas off the contrary. Reasonable choice of control valve mode of action, to ensure production safety, improve product quality and reduce economic losses is essential. You can also open the air, air off the right way to achieve the role of fault protection. 1, the control valve of the gas, gas off Select the role of valve control mode of choice should be based on the requirements of the production process to decide, consider when the signal pressure is interrupted (such as control valve failure, power supply interruption or gas supply interruption), the regulator Open or closed position. The size of the harm caused by the production process may be. If the valve is in the open position, the hazard is small, you should choose the air-off type; otherwise, the air-open type is used, usually considering the following factors: (1) first consider the safety of personal and equipment in the event of gas supply interruption, , The regulation of the various links in the system failure and the diaphragm rupture of the implementing agencies, so that the valve can not work properly, so that the valve is in a state of no energy, the control valve is located in the open or closed position, should be able to ensure personal, Equipment safety, will not be an accident. (2) Secondly, considering the characteristics of the medium to regulate the medium flow into the process equipment, if the medium is flammable, explosive or toxic gas, it should be selected as open air, when the signal pressure is interrupted, the valve is in the fully closed state, to avoid harmful Gas leak; if the medium is easy to crystallize, easy to set materials, in order to prevent clogging, should be selected as air-off type. (3) Finally consider the guarantee of quality and reduce economic losses When the control valve signal pressure interruption and can not work normally, the valve is open or closed, should not result in product quality degradation and waste of raw materials and waste of semi-finished products. The above factors are priorities, should pay special attention to the role of the control valve to choose the primary factor to be considered is the personal and equipment safety.

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