Application of mesh valve plate on methanol compressor

Dynamic equipment petrochemical equipment technology, the application of mesh valve plate in methanol compressor Liu Bingqian Guo Petrochemical Company Comprehensive Utilization Plant, Jilin Songyuan Abstract introduced the structural performance of the mesh valve for compressor and the compression of methanol raw materials The application situation on the unit is summarized in the case of the domestic mesh valve.

Guan Rui word compressor mesh valve structure performance in the middle of the ring classification number article number one foreword Qian Guo Petrochemical Company's methanol workshop was completed and put into production in the year.

Since the start of production, the secondary exhaust valve of the methanol feedstock compressor has been using a steel metal valve.

The metal valve piece has poor performances such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance. Therefore, there are shortcomings such as short service life, frequent maintenance, and excessive consumption of spare parts. The exhaust valve is often damaged, causing great economic loss. It also makes the operation unstable.

After many investigations, it is found that the application of the mesh valve on the methanol compressor is very promising. Because the mesh valve has the following characteristics compared with the metal valve, the density is small, and the impact between the valve seat is small when the compressor is running. In this way, the valve stroke can be increased, the airflow resistance can be reduced, and the working efficiency of the unit can be improved. Corrosion and wear resistance The long working life is safer and less safe for compressing flammable and explosive gases.

The mesh valve sheet material is a polymer engineering plastic, in which nylon and polyetheretherketone are hereinafter referred to as additional fillers.

The valve piece is a high-strength thermoplastic valve that has been developed in recent years. It has been widely used in reciprocating compressors in metallurgical petrochemical industry and has achieved good results.

The structure and performance of several plastic valve plates The technical key to plastic valve plates is material problems.

The nylon valve disc is made of glass fiber with a harder nylon 6 as the base.

Nylon valve discs are generally processed by injection molding and can be turned into products by simple machining.

The inlet price of the nylon valve piece is about that the valve piece of the valve piece is made of polyetheretherketone resin and filled with glass fiber or carbon fiber.

Polyetheretherketone resin is a new engineering plastic developed by British CI in the 1980s.

After the resin is reinforced with glass fiber carbon fiber, the heat distortion temperature is above, and the temperature index of the temperature evaluation method for continuous use for a long period of time is measured as a nylon valve piece and a valve piece.

Comparison of thermal mechanical properties.

Table of comparison of the thermal mechanical properties of the two valve plates (under 23) performance test method nylon valve plate valve plate density a 3 servant tensile strength bending strength servant bending sleeve modulus burn a 'a kind of 犷兮, one 宁Elongation, public cantilever beam impact strength servant 2 Rockwell hardness water absorption, linear expansion coefficient - a male 6 heat distortion temperature can be seen from the table although it is super heat resistant resin, but because it has It has the characteristics of good fluidity at high temperature and high thermal decomposition temperature, so it can be processed by various methods such as injection molding extrusion molding and compression molding. As a secondary processing, it can be used for calendering ultrasonic welding and machine receiving date. Liu Bingyi, Jilin Tongyu County people.

He graduated from Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology with a bachelor's degree.

He is currently the deputy section chief and senior engineer of the Mobile Division of the Comprehensive Utilization Plant of Qianguo Petrochemical Company.

The valve piece made by means of petrochemical equipment technology and other mechanical processing has the following advantages: good sealing performance, low noise leakage, low power consumption and temperature rise synchronization benefit can be improved, general energy consumption can reduce the density is small, the impact force is small, thereby The fatigue damage generated is reduced, the service life of the gas valve is prolonged, the corrosion resistance is generally good, the impact saturation of the solid particles and the liquid particles is good, and the sealing surface of the valve seat is good. Protective effects.

The valve piece is a newer replacement product, which can completely replace the plastic valve piece of the factory I and the domestic metal valve piece.

The plastic valve plates currently used on compressors are structurally ring-shaped.

The single-ring plastic valve piece has the same shape as the metal valve piece except that the thickness is increased. A mesh valve piece is shown by a plurality of annular valve plates connected together to form an integral view of the mesh valve plate. The annular valve piece has a much smaller possibility of swaying between the valve seats, and thus has better sealing performance than the annular valve piece.

The application of the valve plate on the methanol feedstock compressor unit is a model for the pressurization of the methanol feedstock gas. The working process is that the feed gas from the system enters the compressor at a pressure temperature of 20, After two stages of compression, the pressure is increased to the entry system, and the volume flow rate of the inhaled state is 29.

The original valve used in the unit is a steel single-ring valve piece made of forgings. The spring wire material is made up of several valve rings composed of several different diameters in Sweden and installed in a valve box.

The unit has two stages of compression, the outlet temperature of the first stage cylinder is about left and right, and the outlet temperature of the second stage cylinder is about 13.

Judging from the operation of the unit in recent years, this type of valve has been used for a long time and has been damaged for a long time, and its damage is serious. Its working life is very short, and some only have a few days, which seriously affects normal production.

After investigation, it was decided to try the valve piece. Because the price of the valve piece is relatively expensive, it takes tens of thousands of yuan for a unit to only have a valve piece.

During the operation of the unit, it was found that only the secondary exhaust valve plate was often damaged, so it was decided to test the valve plate on the secondary exhaust valve.

First of all, several small-sized annular valve pieces were selected, and the machine was inspected after the test for one month. As a result, the valve piece was intact and there was no obvious wear mark on the sealing surface.

Later, the large-size valve piece was tried again. When it was checked again, it was found that the larger the size of the valve piece, the more the rigidity is more easily deformed, which will affect the sealing performance and the service life between the valve piece and the valve seat.

Through the installation trial, the large size of the valve piece is easily damaged due to poor rigidity. After several months of trial operation, the effect is not ideal. Therefore, it was decided to use a mesh valve piece to replace the second stage of a methanol raw material machine. Exhaust valve manifold.

After half a year of trial operation, the operating condition is now good, and the valve piece has not been replaced, which ensures the long-term safe and stable operation of the methanol raw material compressor unit, and has achieved good economic benefits, saving about 10,000 yuan per year and reducing it. The labor intensity of workers.

The hydrogen sulfide contained in natural gas, S) acid gas, has little effect on the valve plate. Many valve plates can continue to be used after dismantling and cleaning.

This material is self-extinguishing and its flame retardancy is in accordance with the grade, which ensures the normal operation of the compressor.

These prove that the valve plate has excellent performance.

But at the same time, we must also consider that the import price of the valve is more expensive, we should try to use the old valve that is not damaged.

Although the valve piece has many of the above advantages, it also has some limitations. For example, the valve piece cannot be used for a chlorine gas compressor, and cannot be used for a gas containing a higher chlorine gas, and the exhaust gas temperature cannot exceed 25, but we believe that With the continuous development of science and technology, compressor valves will be more widely used.

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