·The new regulations introduced commercial vehicle sales to usher in a new pattern

With the continuous development of China's automobile industry, the once-controversial "Automobile Brand Sales Management Implementation Measures" has finally ushered in change. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce commissioned the China Automobile Dealers Association to hold a "Brand Management Measures Revision Symposium" in Beijing, and discussed the "Automobile Sales Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "New Measures") to be implemented in 2015. It is expected early next year. Formally implemented. Regarding the launch of the "New Measures", many dealers said that after waiting for nearly 10 years, the strong control of the dealers to the dealers has finally improved.
Good policy to the dealers "The upcoming "new measures" is definitely good news for the majority of dealers. The relationship between car companies and dealers should be mutually beneficial, mutually supportive, and win-win relationship, but at this stage The implementation of the "Automobile Brand Sales Management Implementation Measures" has given the car enterprises an absolute strong position. The dealers lack the right to speak and are subject to the car companies. The mechanism is very unfair." Xue Feng, Chairman of Yantai Suichang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. The Commercial Vehicle News reporter said.
The reporter found that the "New Measures" imposed restrictions on the strong position of car companies and more safeguarded the interests of dealers.
"Although the "New Measures" stipulates that dealers sell products that have to be authorized by the car company, the authorization period is no longer a one-year one-year sign, but is changed to a five-year one-sign, and can be automatically renewed, this policy The change is of great significance.” Jiangsu Junhai Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. Sales Director Cheng Jun pointed out: “Over the years, dealers have been subject to the management rights of one year and one sign, and the sales work is very passive. In order to win the authorization for the second year, distribution Merchants can only be forced to give up some rights and accept various tasks and conditions assigned by car companies. After the authorization is changed to 5 years and one sign, dealers can formulate sales strategies according to their actual conditions and have more autonomy. Restricted by car companies."
The "New Measures" also imposes restrictions on the voluntary revocation of licenses and the existence of defaults by car companies, such as requiring car companies to repurchase dealer equipment, facilities, inventory vehicles, etc., and compensate dealers for building stores. In this regard, Xue Feng said: "This regulation maximizes the interests of the dealers, reduces the losses caused by the default of the car companies, and is conducive to market fairness."
Regulatory implementation still needs to be in place. Although the "New Measures" has revised and formulated many contents, the strong position of car companies has been restricted, but dealers still expressed doubts about the smooth implementation of the "New Measures."
“The implementation of the new policy often requires a gradual process, and it also requires strong regulatory measures. Although the “New Approach” protects the interests of dealers in many aspects, it is difficult to implement it, and more is The meaning is greater than the effect." Xue Feng told the "Commercial Vehicle News" reporter: "In the case of letting go of the dealer's business scope, the "New Measures" stipulates that dealers can operate multiple brands at the same time, but car companies often intervene in private. If a dealer wants to go it alone, the car company will isolate it or suppress it by supporting other dealers in the same area. At this time, the dealer usually has only two choices: either continue to struggle painfully or give up."

Light Girder Suspension Crane

Maximum load: 2000kg

Used to transfer materials overhead, our Light Girder Suspension Crane is especially suitable for use in workshop that have low ceilings as well as factories and sites made of lightweight steel frames where the bridge crane reaches its limit.

The modular design contains fewer standard parts that make crane assembly as easy as stacking blocks. With these modular parts, users can reassemble a new crane, according to the change in lifting requirements of the alterations made to the workshop.

Due to the ultra-light weight of the crane, there is little friction between the trolley wheel and the rail. Easily moved by hands, this suspension crane can move clumsy, heavyweight workpiece in a fast manner. Available also with the mechanical electrical chain hoist, hoist drive, electrical control device, and matched system, the crane requires limited maintenance and has a long service life.

This series of crane can run on both straight and curved rails. By using many other modular parts, it can be reassembled to become the single-girder or double-girder crane. Each of the modular parts is bored to the standard connector for its size. So the crane can be adjusted according to the layout of the worksite, in order to suit the specific material handling requirement and satisfy customer specific needs.

Optional Parts

Aluminum rail

Railway turnout

Elevating platform

Power supply device

Electrical travel drive system

Flexible Girder Crane

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