COFCO Grain Dojo High-quality Technology Makes Pasta Cake Spicy, Healthy and Non-Greasy

There are many fast-food products on the market, such as instant noodles. There are more and more brands of instant noodles and various health guarantees. In fact, in the eyes of consumers, non-fried, no-added instant noodle products are now the most important consumers.

In the face of many fast-moving consumer products on the market, COFCO Grain and Grain Dojo is unique. COFCO Grain and Grain Dome Farm uses hot-air drying technology to preserve the nutrition of noodle cakes at the same time and make the cakes taste smoother and Q-bombs. At the same time, COFCO Grain Valley Farm also launched the "private house grain" in the middle of this year. The product has great significance for the development of the industry.

According to Sun Zhehao, director of the R&D department of COFCO Grain Valley Field, from 2012 to now, the project has carried out product innovation in the mature industry of instant noodles through continuous, large-scale, follow-up investigations and analysis, relying on the hot-air micro-expansion drying technology, and relying on traditional Chinese traditions. The combination of the concept of healthy cereals and cooking dishes has created a brand new instant noodle product.

COFCO Grain and Grain Co., Ltd. uses hot-air drying and micro-expansion technology for cakes to thoroughly improve the rehydration of non-fried instant noodle cakes. The high-temperature short-time hot-air drying process is used to increase the degree of noodle puffing, improve the noodle taste, and shorten the foam and cooking time; In terms of soft canning production technology, high-quality beef, pork ribs, tomatoes, peas, and other ingredients are used, and flavors are not included. High-temperature and high-pressure sterilization is applied to maintain the natural flavor and texture of the product's cooking dishes; The combination of multi-grain nutrition noodle cake and 120 g real-material super soft canned bag breaks through the collocation mode of traditional instant noodles to achieve not only taste but also material; in terms of packaging design, through The packaging material manufacturers jointly tackled the problem and tried out a three-layer co-extruded composite material with A/B/C structure. Through reasonable matching of materials, it improved the oxygen barrier property, moisture resistance, anti-pendulum impact energy, and masking property. , ensure that the grain surface taste, flavor, color, nutrition from loss, shelf life of up to 12 months.

According to experts' assessment, COFCO Grain and Grain Dow Field adopts the hot-air micro-expansion drying technology, and through the optimization study of the relative cake drying temperature and the wind speed and other technological conditions, the problem of rehydration and bad taste of the mixed cereal cake has been successfully solved; and soft canning technology has been developed. The culinaryized cuisine package changed the flavor and composition of the traditional convenient fabric package. The products such as tomato burdock purple potato noodles, sour soup buckwheat buckwheat noodles and other products were simulated using a single package, and the product kitchen was rejuvenated and cooked. Different kinds of different grain types were compared and optimized, and different formulas were added to optimize the research of the formula. In the traditional instant noodle products, more healthy elements were incorporated, which increased the nutritional value of the products and enriched the product types of the market.

The non-fried process of the "private grain surface" of COFCO Wugu Daechang using hot-air drying does not add grease throughout the course. The fat content of the noodle cake is less than 1%. The grain of the COFCO Wugu Dojo will be made of whole grains and wheat flour. Scientific matching, coarse and fine grains provide a more comprehensive nutrient intake; the private grain face mixes the cereal bread cake with 120 large real-material ingredients package, and the real meaty culinary delicacies can not only allow the food goods to be eaten. It also provides rich quality protein.

We hope that the non-fried era in which COFCO Grain and Grain Fields can really develop will allow consumers to be late for healthier foods.

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