Where is the way out for lighting segmentation brands?

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's lighting industry, especially in the wake of the rise of e-commerce, the promotion of Internet +, the new normal of domestic economic growth, and the structural adjustment within the lighting industry, the entire lighting industry is facing unprecedented complexity. situation. In this state, China's lighting industry has maintained a high growth trend, domestic sales and export situation is gratifying, and achieved good results, LED lighting is still a sunrise industry. In 2016, lighting companies continued to develop professional segmentation channels such as home improvement companies, supermarket chains, and sports lighting. Brand concentration and designated procurement rates are increasing, and brand influence is increasing year by year. These are the increasingly mature lighting brand market operations. Important sign. In addition, the LED companies began to cooperate with related industries in a wider range of fields, and the brand segmentation became more and more obvious. The field segmentation is more specialized. Market-oriented, adapting to market demand, establishing brand effects, and deepening the market are the breakthroughs in many lighting fields. It is understood that in 2015, the scale of the LED lighting industry reached 450 billion yuan, and the market entered the stage of intensive cultivation. The competition in the future is no longer just the competition of products, but also the competition of market segments and the competition of brands. According to industry insiders, in the next three years, LED outdoor lighting in the industry will become the fastest growing segment of LED lighting. In 2015, the outdoor LED market in China is closer to 15 billion yuan, and the prospects are quite broad. With the continuous development of the lighting industry, many lighting companies have also realized that the competition in the industry has evolved from product competition and price competition to brand competition. The importance of lighting companies to build brands has reached a consensus in the industry, the degree of market competition is intensifying, product homogeneity is serious, and enterprises can find a way to better find their way by finding and developing suitable market segments. Therefore, market segments should be dominated by specialized, powerful, and product-oriented companies. They are more accurate in market positioning, more eager to product quality, and more innovative in brand building. In particular, emerging LED lighting companies need to find suitable market segments based on their own resource advantages and make further efforts in the segmentation field. Subdivided brands gradually transition to mass brands. China's lighting industry has been in the competition for international brands for a long time. The international giants such as Philips, Osram and GE rely on the high-end international brand image to cover almost all the lighting categories. The only domestic brands that can compete with it are NVC, Op Lighting, Qinshang Optoelectronics, and Sanxiong Aurora. The industry brand in the true sense of the country is seriously lacking. Some professionals have suggested that the previous lighting industry has not paid much attention to the society. The industry has long had a large number of unbranded, unbranded products and unbranded enterprises. The competition of industry brands is in the stage of extensive, homogenization and low efficiency. If you don't get up, you can't form a brand effect, you can't enjoy the brand premium, and you can only get caught in the price war. Obviously, industry brands urgently need to transition from the industry brands known to the industry to the popular brands recognized by the general consumers. This is a common problem facing the lighting industry. Now, the brand of China's lighting industry is in the stage of transition from industry brand to mass brand. With the continuous development of the lighting industry, the importance of lighting companies to build brands has reached a consensus in the industry, lighting companies also recognize that the competition in the lighting industry has evolved from product competition and price competition to brand competition. In general, whether a company can propose a more scientific and rational development plan and become a mass brand is the key to whether it can be upgraded again. Therefore, category integration and mass branding will become the inevitable way for domestic brands to lead the industry.

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