Analysis of Orem ALARM Vibration Detector

In order to enable more people to understand the principle and application of vibration intrusion detectors, the basic knowledge of the principle and application of vibration intrusion detectors is introduced in connection with the AS971A digital integrated vibration intrusion detector developed and produced by the company.

1 | The Role of Vibratory Invasion Detectors in Crime Prevention Since the reform and opening up, the crime situation has also undergone great changes with the flow of people, finances and goods. Many criminals have repeatedly handed their sinful hands to banks, museums, and ancient tombs. Not only does it cause huge economic losses and theft, it also poses a major threat to public order. Analyzing these cases, we found that many of these cases were digging tunnels and breaking walls. The guards of the bank’s guards are extremely guarded against the doors and windows. Eighty percent of the criminals who attempted to enter the vault from the doors and windows failed to succeed. In the face of no front-end, they are in the underground pipeline, ventilation, basement and other weaknesses that can approach the vault. In order to deal with this kind of crime, the bank reinforced the walls of the vault again and again. When dense reinforced steel and high-grade cement were used to build a thickness of 50 cm, the number of cases of digging walls was significantly reduced. However, the thief cannot die without using ordinary tools. The staff in the library only feel a slight sensation and it is not easy to be found when committing crimes. Some criminals also colluded with the design and construction personnel of the treasury, specifically looking for the weakest parts for low-dose blasting, they would have a higher success rate. In order to deal with such crimes, the library personnel further strengthened the protection of the perimeter. As a result, some criminals resorted to long-distance digging tunnels to approach the vault. Vibration intrusion detectors came into being in this situation. After using such detectors in bank treasuries, the number of cases of breaking into the wall has indeed decreased significantly, and this type of detector has been rapidly promoted.

Based on lessons learned from foreign countries, our company began research on vibration intrusion detectors as early as 84 years ago in order to prevent problems. It was put into the market in 1986. Once the product came out, it was immediately recognized by all walks of life. Has been widely used in banks, cultural relics museums, and other systems. In the past few years, many major cases have been prevented from happening, which has brought great social benefits. It has undoubtedly added a new sentry to China's crime prevention. In order to understand it, we must know its principle, structure, installation and use.

2 | Vibration Intrusion Detector Principle Analysis Vibration intrusion detector, also known as vibration measurement. Vibration measurement is an extremely complicated technique. Because our environment is in vibration all the time. There are changes from the earth itself, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; there are man-made mechanical vibrations, such as car train movements, machine vibrations, etc., which cause great trouble for vibration measurement. Vibrating intrusion detectors are vibration signals caused by human impact on the walls, floors, and safes. To do this, before analyzing the vibration intrusion detectors, it is necessary to clarify the following issues.

2.1 What is vibration? When an object makes an oscillating motion with respect to a reference position, the object is called vibration. In one second, the number of complete motion cycles is called frequency. The amplitude of vibration is used to describe the characteristics of vibration intensity. The vibration amplitude is large and the vibration intensity is also large. The vibration parameters, acceleration, speed, and displacement, represent the unit of measurement.

2.2 Vibration Intrusion Detector Term 1 Vibration Intrusion Detector - A detection device that can give an alarm to an intruder-induced mechanical vibration (shock) in an alert zone. 2 Vibration Sensor - A component of a vibration intrusion detector that is sensitive to shock and converts it into an electrical signal. 3 Adjustable-amplifier-vibration Intrusion detector, which converts and amplifies the electrical signal output by the sensor to the level required by the trigger. 4 Trigger - In the vibration intrusion detector, the component that can convert the level of the output of the adjustment amplifier into the state of the relay switch.

2.3 Vibration Intrusion Detector Classification According to the warning object can be divided into three types: 1 Building Vibration Intrusion Detector - When the intruder hit the building, it can respond to the mechanical shock caused by it and generate alarm signal detection device. 2 Earth tone vibration intrusion detector - A detection device that can generate an alarm for a vibration signal caused by an intruder's ground motion in the detection range or a mechanical shock generated by the vehicle. 3 Safe Vibrating Intrusion Detector - A detection device that responds to shocks and generates an alarm signal when the safe is hit or normally opened.

2.4 The principle of vibration intrusion detector analysis 1. Vibration intrusion detector composition Vibration intrusion detector is composed of vibration sensor, conditioning amplifier, trigger, and power supply.

The principle of vibrating intrusion detectors is not complicated, but certain measures must be taken to reduce false alarms in the circuit design: to make non-human shock and vibration not alarm, human beings must shock the building for impact vibration. This part is generally easier to understand, so it is not highlighted. Focus on the sensor, because it is the core of the vibration intrusion detector.

2. The sensor is the key component of the vibration intrusion detector The vibration sensor is the key component to discover the intrusion.

The vibration sensor has the following classification: There are many types of sensors. The sensors used for vibration intrusion detectors include displacement sensors, speed sensors, and acceleration sensors.

The vibration intrusion detectors were all tested before leaving the factory. Some deviations may occur due to shipping and other reasons. It is best to review them again. There are two ways to review. One is to check in the office, the other is to actually install the check.

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