Mercedes-Benz shares in Beiqi to provide independent product model platform

Mercedes-Benz shares in Beiqi to provide independent product model platform As a long-term cooperative partner of BAIC, Daimler Group has made repeated moves in the domestic market in recent months. It first diluted the equity held by Lixingxing in July and then announced the establishment of a new joint venture sales company with BAIC Group in December. In order to integrate the Mercedes-Benz brand imported cars and domestic car sales channels. After a series of actions, Daimler Group did not slow down the pace of change.

Daimler is expected to participate in Beiqi to help BAIC develop its own brand

Since the development of the Daimler Group has fallen behind rivals such as Audi and BMW in recent years, the development of the Chinese market has become the key to catching up. According to industry insiders' analysis, Daimler is expected to indirectly support BAIC's overall listing by participating in a joint venture with BAIC. At the same time, BAIC will also make concessions in the new Mercedes-Benz sales service company with Daimler, leaving more of the right to speak. To Mercedes-Benz. In addition, as a higher-level strategic cooperation Mercedes-Benz will also give more support to Beijing Automotive. "The future C90 will be developed using Mercedes-Benz's E-class long wheelbase platform, and will also use the current Mercedes-Benz E-class engine and transmission." Beiqi Group insiders told China Netcom.

After acquiring Saab's three platforms in 2009, BAIC has officially absorbed the first Saab 95 platform model in 2012 through its three years of absorption and digestion. In the past year, Beijing Automotive has received certain recognition from the domestic market with the AO-Class sedan E series. In the future, BAIC will fully develop all levels of models to meet market demand. In the future, both BAIC and Mercedes-Benz will benefit from the advanced technology and experience of the latter in terms of their models or powertrain. After acquiring the Mercedes-Benz E-class long wheelbase platform, the overall strength of Beijing Automotive will also develop rapidly. In terms of "win-win" results.

The Beiqi C90 will share its first share of Mercedes-Benz E-class long wheelbase technology

During this year's Beijing Auto Show, Beijing Automobile has exhibited a concept car codenamed the C90. This car is positioned as a luxury model, and it is the prototype of the future mass production of luxury models by BAIC Group. From which we can easily see that the future Mercedes-Benz brand will fill the gap in the luxury car field from the aspects of vehicle technology and supporting facilities.

In the current domestic market, after FAW announced that it has invested heavily in the development of luxury brands, SAIC and Dongfeng have also announced the launch of luxury models to enter this segment. In this regard, an industry analyst said: "China has become one of the world's largest automotive markets, the global automotive brands have taken China as the most important market, almost all luxury brands are competing here. For any country In terms of the automotive industry, high-end vehicles can represent the strength of a country’s automotive technology R&D, so the development of self-owned brands can compete with other foreign brands.” And Beijing Automobile will be in this field after it has acquired the platform of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Has a strong competitive edge.

During this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, Beijing Auto’s first high-end brand, the “Dai Bao,” the first model, the D320, officially unveiled. In the next two years, the models developed on the Saab platform will enter the market one after another, which will largely help support its overall performance. After the development of the model based on the Mercedes-Benz E-class long wheelbase platform, Beiqi's own brand will implement full coverage of the product line, so this has different meanings for BAIC Group.

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