Luoyang Juxing Furnace GWL-LB high temperature box experimental electric furnace

The following figure shows dimensions of the furnace body 500 x 300 x 300
== Use ==
Widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, new materials development, special materials, building materials and other fields of production and experimentation.
== Features==
Open the door way: open side, with lock, door can be rotated
1. Control accuracy: ±1°C Uniformity of furnace temperature: ±1°C (depending on the size of the heating chamber).

2, easy to operate, programmable, PID self-tuning, automatic temperature, automatic insulation, automatic cooling, no need to watch; can be equipped with computer communication through the computer operation of the electric furnace (start the electric furnace, stop the electric furnace, pause heating, set heating curve, warming Curve storage, history curve, etc.) Software is free to see: computer control system .

3, warming fast (heating rate 1 °C / h to 40 °C / min adjustable).

4, energy saving (furnace made of imported fiber, high temperature, resistant to acute heat quenching)

5. The furnace body is exquisitely sprayed with corrosion-resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the furnace body and the furnace are isolated from each other. The air-cooled furnace wall temperature is close to room temperature.
6, double circuit protection (over temperature, overpressure, super flow, paragraph even, power off, etc.)

7. Furnace materials imported refractory materials, good insulation properties, high temperature resistance, resistance to chill and heat

8, temperature categories: 1200 °C 1400 °C 1600 °C 1700 °C 180O °C five kinds


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PVC Plastic Box

What products are suitable for PVC plastic boxes:

First of all, PET plastic boxes are very commonly used in baby products, because the PVC material is non-toxic and harmless, and has good transparency, which can better display the products inside. Customers can directly see the products inside through the PVC Plastic Box packaging, which is convenient Packaging and display products, followed by PVC plastic boxes are also more popular in the electronics industry, such as some chargers, mobile power supplies, etc.

Material of PVC plastic box:

There are many kinds of materials for plastic boxes. The material we are talking about is PVC. What kind of material is PVC? PVC uses amorphous materials as raw materials. It has super high performance in anti-oxidation, resistance to strong acids and anti-reduction. , And has high strength and excellent stability, is not flammable, is a very good material, so the material used as a plastic box is very good, of course there are some PVC/PP plastic boxes, we will talk about it later~

PVC Plastic Box

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