What are the advantages of using cold-rolled steel plate for mobile phone charging cabinet?

Mobile phone charging cabinet This storage device is believed to be no stranger to us. It has been seen everywhere in our lives. It can help us to store electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets. We do not need to worry about storage problems. We all know that mobile phone charging cabinets. It is made of steel plate, but what we do not know is that the steel plate is also divided into hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel, while the mobile phone charging cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel, so what advantages are known to use this steel? What?
Cold rolling is based on hot-rolled coils as raw materials, and various profile rolling is performed at room temperature. Cold-rolled steel plates are produced through cold rolling, commonly known as cold plates. The thickness of cold-rolled steel sheets is generally 0.1-8.0 mm. Most cold-rolled steel sheets produced by factories are less than 4.5 mm in thickness. The thickness and width of cold-rolled steel sheets are determined according to the plant's equipment capacity and market demand.
Mobile phone charging cabinet
Cold rolling is performed at normal temperature by hot-rolled sheet. Although the steel sheet is heated during rolling because of rolling, cold rolling is still called. Due to cold rolling after continuous hot rolling, the mechanical properties are poor and the hardness is too high. Annealing is required to restore its mechanical properties. No annealing is called rolled hard rolls. Rolled hard rolls are generally used to make products that do not require bending or stretching.
As we can see from this, the hardness of the mobile phone charging cabinet is relatively high, so the anti-destructive performance is also stronger.

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In the process of machining titanium alloy, the titanium alloy material itself has low modulus of elasticity, large elastic deformation, high cutting temperature, low thermal conductivity and high chemical activity at high temperature, which makes the sticky knife phenomenon serious, easily aggravating the tool wear and even breakage, which leads to the poor machinability of the titanium alloy. Therefore, machining titanium alloy requires proper cutting tools and good machining technology.

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