What is the fuse?

The fuse is also called the fuse, which is used to detonate the fire detonator. It consists of two parts: the core and the outer skin. As shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the fuse structure
1-core wire; 2-core drug; 3-inner layer line; 4-middle layer line; 5- asphalt layer;
6-flame retardant; 7-paper strip layer; 8-outer layer; 9-polyvinyl chloride film sheath
The core is a slightly compressed black powder. The core has three cotton threads to increase the strength of the core and prevent the fuse from burning. The outer skin is composed of several layers of cotton and kraft paper, and is coated with a waterproofing agent. The diameter is 5-6 mm, the burning speed is 100-125 m/s, and the length of the fire-breathing tongue is not less than 40 mm. There should be no fire or fire when burning.

The Insulating Glass Production Line mainly presses two or three pieces of glass together to form an insulating glass. 

This kind of glass can keep warm, prevent noise and increase the comfort of the living environment.

The whole line includes Glass cutting table; Double group extruder or sealing robot ; Glass border polishing machine; 

Automatic Molecular sieve filling machine; Aluminum frame transfer machine; Aluminum spacer Bending machine; 

Rotated sealant spreading table; IG unit gas filling machine etc.

Insulating Glass Production Line

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