Two gang holiday 794 people died in traffic accidents should still reflect on

Recently, a set of figures has caused widespread controversy on the Internet. According to data from the Ministry of Public Security, 794 people and 2,473 people were injured in traffic accidents in the country this year. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction on the Internet and even angered the first-time implementation of the high-speed free policy.

On a holiday, traffic accidents claimed the lives of 794 people and it sounded embarrassing. However, it is not because the holiday festive atmosphere is still full of rhyme. Casualties cannot be reduced because of the secrets of the figures. On the contrary, if you openly and rationally face them and look for the roots behind them, it is possible to find a way to govern and reduce the number of accidents and casualties in reality.

The first thing that needs to be clear is that the casualties caused by traffic accidents during this double-decked period are not "unprecedented." The news has already explained that, regardless of the number of deaths or injuries suffered during the eight days of the holiday season, they have fallen by 46% and 47% respectively. Searching for the number of casualties in the past, a comparison is made. It can be seen that the magnitude of the decline in casualties this year is indeed not small. In 2011, the number of road accident deaths was 62,387, averaging 171 people per day. There were 1,368 people in eight days. If one considers that this year's first high-speed, free-flow, traffic volume will increase significantly year-on-year, then such a decline will be even more difficult. There are many places worthy of reflection and drawing lessons from, rather than being eager to criticize.

This year's high-speed free for the first time, the traffic police departments around the country are waiting for it. For example, there are reports that 1530 high-speed civilian police in Zhejiang province have accumulated an average of more than 70 hours of overtime per person. Some of them even stayed on the road for more than 20 hours in a row. The police officers “shattered their throats to write down their hand”. The number of deaths due to accidents in Zhejiang holiday also dropped by 66.7% year-on-year. Is the reduction in the number of deaths related to the efforts of the traffic management department? Is this situation common in all places? Can it continue in the future? What else are the deficiencies?

What the public wants to see is not only the number of casualties in the holidays, but also hopes to see corresponding reflections and suggestions for improvement. For example, the Ministry of Public Security recently revised the regulations to provide that drivers who are less than one year old are not allowed to drive alone. This is a clear signal for strengthening traffic management.

In the face of such a disagreeable number of casualties, the public may have more self-reflection besides criticizing and supervising the work of the public authorities. Similar actions such as driving on roads, rushing overtaking vehicles, and changing roads and gazing are easy to cause accidents. Of course, it depends on management, but also depends on the development of individual habits.

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