PX New Route Finds Way Out for Excess Methanol

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Sinopec's major scientific and technological research project - a 200,000-ton/year toluene methanol methylation plant will be completed during the completion of the Yangzi Petrochemical aromatics plant. The device is the first set of toluene methylation methylation device in China. It will provide a new technical route for the industrial production of paraxylene (PX) throughout the country, and will find a new outlet for excess methanol resources, and will also promote China's polyester. The healthy development of the industry chain.

The device is a technical transformation of the original toluene disproportionation device and is planned to be put into use in mid-November. After the plant is put into operation, it will not only reduce the production cost of Yangzi PX, but also the benzene and carbon-9 aromatics produced as by-products can be used as high-quality raw materials for the disproportionation unit, further optimize the aromatic raw materials, reduce the production cost, and maximize the benefits.

According to the technical person in charge of the Yangzi Petrochemical Aromatic Plant, the synthesis of PX by methylation of toluene and methanol is a new process route for the production of PX, and it has not yet achieved industrial production in China. Compared with the traditional toluene disproportionation process, the greatest advantage of this process technology is to use toluene and low-cost methanol as raw materials to produce high-concentration PX with only a small amount of by-products benzene and carbon-9. In the new process, the introduction of methanol increases the utilization of toluene. Theoretically, it requires only one ton of toluene for each ton of PX produced. However, the conventional toluene disproportionation process requires about 2.5 ton of toluene per ton of PX. And more benzene by-products. Therefore, the new process has high yield and low cost.

It is understood that PX is an important chemical raw material for synthetic polyester fibers, resins, coatings, dyes, pesticides and other products. At present, more than 90% of domestic PX is used to produce refined terephthalic acid (PTA), which is the main raw material for producing polyester fiber. In recent years, with the rapid development of the textile industry, domestic PTA production capacity has expanded rapidly.

However, in the traditional production process, the PX project construction is difficult, the production technology threshold is high, the investment is large, the recovery cycle is long, and the raw material naphtha oil resources are more limited. Therefore, the domestic PX plant production capacity lags far behind the PTA production capacity. , resulting in a serious shortage of PX supply in the market. In sharp contrast to this, due to the abundant coal resources in the country, coal-to-methanol has excess capacity. At present, the price of methanol on the market is about 2,800 yuan / ton, while toluene is as high as 10,000 yuan / ton.

Therefore, the development and application of toluene methylol methylation synthesis PX technology has realized the organic combination of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry. The promotion of this technology will effectively alleviate the problem of excess domestic methanol production capacity.

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