JFE will reduce costs and increase efficiency through "Internet of things."

Japan JFE Steel will integrate the core system of all production bases in Japan, including the four steel mills. It will invest about 70 billion yen by 2022. Will operate a unified system of different bases. Under the circumstance of uncertainties in the world steel market, it will actively cope with changes in supply and demand. Plan to effectively utilize "Internet of Things (IoT)" to cut production costs by up to 10%. The same trend is likely to widen in manufacturing with huge equipment.

In 2003, Japan Steel Tube (NKK) and Kawasaki Steel formed the integration of JFE Steel. Since then, this will be the largest system update. Will access a single database and view virtually all steel mills as one steel mill from a virtual perspective, which will make it easy to leverage technologies such as Internet of Things and big data analytics. Help to shorten the delivery time and improve quality.

Targets include all five sites in Japan, including the Chiba area (Chiba city) and Keihin area (Kawasaki city) under the East Japan Steel Works, the Kurashiki area (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture) under the West Nippon Steel Works, And four steel plants in the Fukuyama area (Fukuyama, Hiroshima) and the Chita plant (Handa, Aichi Prefecture). Prior to the various bases of the production system by the base alone to develop and improve. In addition, the terminology and business processes are also different, and the cooperation faces problems.

It is expected that it will take a long time before the overcapacity of overcapacity of the world's steel industry, which starts with China, will take a long time. At present, the market situation of the steel products for export which is volatile and unstable has become increasingly obvious. JFE Steel will speed up the reform of the system and aging equipment and other basic investments in order to get through the "cold steel industry," after the preparation.

Sales at each of the steel mills have reached hundreds of billions of yen in size and have been operating as independent companies before. JFE Steel believes that as high-speed processing of large amounts of data, as well as the technology of real-time data sharing, is becoming possible, it is possible to strive for more efficient operation of the giant steel mill system. In manufacturing industries such as the automotive and chemical industries with large-scale equipment, the same trend is expected to widen.

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