Attention must be paid to the female driver driving a commercial vehicle

1, because our country's women's body shape is generally more petite, so when driving a commercial vehicle, will buy some cushions to be placed on the driver's seat. Although this will increase the height, it can still be dangerous for driving, because the seat cushion itself is an active one. If some emergency situation needs to be braked during driving, the body will move forward with inertia. Tilt, this will make the driver slip away from the seat, there is no way to deal with some unexpected situations in an emergency, so when purchasing a vehicle, be sure to choose some to be able to flexibly adjust the steering wheel and seat business car.


2. Women all have a beautiful heart. Many female drivers will purchase a lot of car accessories to decorate their vehicles, such as stuffed toys or some cartoon decorations. And are more like to be placed on the rear shelf of a commercial vehicle, so that the rear glass block will be more strictly affected, which will affect the observation of the rearview mirror. This move is simply a direct reduction of safety.

3. The placement of car perfumes and fragrances on the dashboard of commercial vehicles should be a common problem for many female drivers. Fragrances and perfumes are synthesized using chemical products. Long-term use of these aromatics in the car will cause gas, which will cause some plastic products in commercial vehicles to age prematurely, and it is also very healthy for their own health. Great influence.

4. Some beautiful and loving female drivers do not crush their clothes, so they ignore the seat belts. This kind of beauty is simply putting their lives outside. If the vehicle is in an emergency situation, because the safety belt is not fastened, the airbag in the steering wheel will not play any role. Therefore, for the sake of safety, you should not consider the problem of clothes. There are also women drivers driving the shoes worn by the vehicle, try to choose a pair of flat shoes that fit their own feet, because high heels will affect the brake pedal.

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