Kumho Tire Clarifies Nanjing Discontinued Treatment Rumours

It is understood that the Nanjing Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Bureau of Quality Supervision and Administration have visited the Nanjing Kumho Plant on July 5th. It is pointed out that the 173 companies that have this governance have specific timetables for relocation, rectification, or closure. It is a misunderstanding that “the list of yesterday’s announcement must be closed today”, and the relevant departments will assist Kumho to handle the relocation work.

According to an insider from the Kumho Tire Planning Department, the current "discontinued governance" has brought about great panic and misgivings to the company's foreign investors, loan banks, supporting car manufacturers, related settled companies, company employees, and family members. The situation seriously threatened and interfered with the normal production and operation of the company. According to the announcement issued by the Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau, Kumho needed to be relocated before the end of 2013.

Responding to the news that the Kumho Nanjing base was ordered to suspend production due to pollution problems in the media recently, Kumho Tire told this reporter yesterday that Kumho plans to stop production and relocate before the end of 2013 in accordance with the plans of relevant agencies. Normal production is still in progress, and in some media, the news that yesterday's announcement of the list must be shut down today has severely interfered with the normal production and operation of the company.

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