Three major problems of heat pump water heater and diagnosis and treatment methods

Heat pump water heater illness one: set the water temperature or temperature rise slow. However, some engineering units run longer than the design time is still not up to the water temperature, only barely direct use of hot water or even can not be used, the measured temperature is about 40 or lower, the system vomiting Huang brilliant 5? Vomiting? Discount? Br />
Diagnosis of a heat pump water heater: air source heat pump hot water unit water temperature is generally set between 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and occasionally higher than 60 ℃ below 65 ℃ also belongs to the allowable range, but operating conditions may affect the life of the unit . The rise in water temperature must get heat from the outside world. When the water tank temperature does not go there will be two possible, on the one hand the heat loss or equal to the influx of heat, when the two are equal, the water temperature unchanged. Heat loss also includes two possibilities, one is the insulation layer is not enough quality and the temperature difference between the natural world is too large, heat loss is serious, especially the water tank manhole seal is not strict insulation is not good or hidden insulation part did not do well, the external takeover insulation and the box Discontinuous insulation will increase the heat loss; another loss of heat for the hot water out at the same time cold water supplement. This loss of heat often appear in the design of the tank, and some customers require 24 hours of uninterrupted water, such as passenger traffic larger hotels, haircut and other water customers, cold water rushed into the tank, ready to use hot water . In the air source heat pump hot water unit is not a problem, once the weather suddenly cooled, the unit doubled from the calorie in the air to reduce, while customers increased the amount of hot water, then left in the tank of heat is not enough, On the performance of the water temperature rise difficulties, and even cold water phenomenon.

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Heat pump water heaters prescription one: According to our diagnostic analysis should first check to see if daily water consumption is excessive, 1kg of water per 1kg of domestic water absorption 1Kcal absorption of heat equivalent to 1.163 × 10-3KWh, 1000Kg water rise of 1 degree, to be absorbed 1.163KWh Heat. The calculation formula is as follows: water quantity (ton) × temperature difference ℃ × 1.163 / unit power Kw × COP value ≤ design working time (hours), for example: cold water temperature is 15 ℃, outlet water temperature is set at 55 ℃, unit power 2.2KW, In winter, when the ambient temperature is low, the COP value is about 2 (data released by the manufacturer of the product) and the designed water consumption is 1 tonne. The working time of the unit is 11 hours. The maximum working time of design is 20 hours. 2 tons, the working hours of the unit is 22 hours <24 hours maximum allowable working time and 3 tons of water under the same working conditions, auxiliary heating or unit configuration should be considered. If there is no problem with the unit configuration, the water circulation between the stand-alone and the water storage tank can be cut off to start the unit to detect the heat collection capacity of the single machine. If the temperature does not reach the highest temperature on the nameplate, the refrigerant may be a problem. Check the refrigerant pressure, control the factory data sheet, if the pressure is insufficient, the performance of the refrigerant loss. According to the original model refrigerant added to the factory standard quantity can be.

Heat pump water heater symptoms 2: Unit working time is too long, more than 24 hours of continuous operation, power consumption greatly exceeded the business to the customer's budget, the cost increases or is expected to use the valley price concession plan meaningless, customers on air source heat pump hot water unit Trust greatly reduced, and even proposed cost compensation.

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Heat pump water heater diagnosis II: air source heat pump hot water unit engineering unit shutdown control by the controller, the unit working time is too long because there is no set system shutdown parameters, such as temperature parameters. The temperature sensor near the water supply port, the detection temperature below a certain range of set value when the unit opens; higher than the set temperature of a certain value, the unit stopped. Exclude the refrigerant with poor heat capacity and setting the temperature is too high and other reasons, then there may be temperature sensor failure or sensing circuit short circuit, circuit breaker led to shutdown. Because the air source heat pump hot water unit production of hot water is a? Vomit Fang You magpie tomb? 粲 粲 joking punishment ⑷ Ren dumpling people? Pufu? Throbbing? Land Department stop? Palm? In order to avoid unit matching "small horse drawn cart", to ensure that the unit can get enough heat within 24 hours, The rated water heating, taking into account the summer unit COP value rise, the ability to take hot water, the normal design work time is generally 10 to 15 hours, but from the reality point of view, the problem of serious units are equipped with Than the irrational situation in the face. Take the unit with input power of 4kW as an example, when used in Guangdong, proper water distribution should be 3 tons of water. Even when the winter air temperature is extremely low, the average value of COP is calculated as 2 and the unit works for 17.5 hours 60 ℃ hot water requirements, the actual configuration of some projects with water more than 5 tons, it is no wonder the unit can not be down for a long time. Voltage over and under may also be shut down failure fault, but this situation is less, because under normal circumstances, the unit has the factory before the factory set high and low voltage compressor to protect against voltage over, owe and start running damaged compression machine. A long time non-stop crew there may be a compressor is bad, intermittent operation of the fan unit caused by the illusion of non-stop, this situation is rare, the general heat pump set as the fan bearing compressor power, will not run alone .

Heat pump water heater prescription two: First check whether the voltage meets the unit operating requirements, voltage no problem, to see whether the normal operation of the compressor to exclude fan idling caused the illusion of unit operation. Determine the matching of water consumption and unit is appropriate to exclude due to the constant entry of cold water temperature and temperature drop caused by increased workload of the unit, check the control system for any fault line sensor, to be excluded.

Heat pump water heater illness three: Unit crashes, unable to start. When the temperature drops below 0 ℃, the whole system will enter the shutdown state, even if the temperature rises, still can not start running, or outside the machine fan rotation, the compressor stops working.

Heat pump water heater diagnosis three: stop the unit is mainly due to the control system, one by one to check the settings of the protection parameters, such as water temperature control circuit, the system can not be collected in the signal will not start, because the unit is turned on by the heat exchanger temperature And set tank temperature and set the temperature of the three parameters jointly controlled when the collected tank temperature is lower than the set temperature when a certain time when the unit starts to start collecting part of the water temperature is higher than the temperature of the storage tank when a certain value?奔 奔? 奔 奔 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 晕 A A A A A 硗 硗 硗? Fan? Ah? File 舻 magpie Ran? 槎 Send rate of a total of wild ?? ?? 渌 渌 还 also sell royalties? ⑺ 淅 锊 锊 a total of call 橐 岜 岜; の 薹 ㄆ 舳 ?? br />
Heat pump water heater prescription three: first check the compressor for damage, with a universal meter to measure the compressor resistance, confirm the compressor without failure, the focus of inspection of the control system, control unit factory manual or engineering system design acceptance report, according to the analysis of the inspection circuit, Waterway, temperature setting parameters and measured data, identify non-compliance and correct accordingly. Solenoid valve control Sheung Shui, check the sensitivity of the water level sensor and the size of the water pressure to determine the problem is not the water level data.

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