Hengli shield hydraulic system protects the 141th from the wall

Contributed by Hengli's own shield hydraulic system

On January 31, with the booming roar, CCG Tianhe and Shield No. 141 with a diameter of 6.64m broke out, indicating that the tunnel project of Ningbo Beilun section of Sinopec was smoothly completed.

Sinopec Ningbo Beilun Pipeline Project Yiqianshan Tunnel Smoothly Connected

Hengli's self-designed and manufactured hydraulic system provides escort for the China National Transit "Shield No. 141" and provides powerful hydraulic power support. It has excellent performance, high efficiency and reliability. Since its initial launch in June 2017, the mud-water composite shield machine has passed through a muddy silty clay layer, cohesive-clay gravel, weathered rhyolite porphyry, and fully weathered tuff, and successfully completed a single line. 998 m of boring tasks.

Ingenuity, independent design and manufacture of high-end hydraulic components

If the engine is the heart of the car, then the hydraulic system is the "heart" of the shield machine. With its excellent shield cylinder and hydraulic system customized solutions and the good matching and stability of self-produced hydraulic components, Hengli has successfully broken foreign monopoly and gained high recognition from users.

Hengli independently designs and manufactures high-end hydraulic components

Hengli independently designs and manufactures high-end hydraulic components
Hengli independently designs and manufactures high-end hydraulic components

The hydraulic system is the core part of the entire shield machine system. In order to ensure smooth excavation, it is not allowed to make any mistakes or failures. In the propulsion system, screw machine system, assembly system, and auxiliary system used in the “141” shield machine, Hengli has all independently designed and manufactured control valves and valve groups, and the hydraulic pump for power supply is also from the Hengli German factory. InLine V30D/V30E Series High Quality Heavy Duty Piston Pumps. During the construction period of the project, these hydraulic components of Hengli experienced high temperatures and high humidity in the downhole of 40°C in the summer, and the system's long-term uninterrupted operating conditions always operated steadily. Lower noise also reduced the work pressure of construction personnel.

At the construction site, we had the privilege of interviewing the construction personnel of the project tunnel. When talking about the performance of the shield machine, he gave a good affirmation of the Zhongcai shield machine and the Hengli hydraulic system. In addition, the shield tunneling machine using Hengli's full set of hydraulic systems in the Harbin project has also successfully exited the hole. (This article comes from Hengli Hydraulics)

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