Gas steam cleaner operating mode

Introduction: Gas-fired steam cleaners are water-saving, energy-efficient, and efficient for everyone. But many people don’t know how steam is produced. They only know how to use burning gas or electric heating, but the duration of steam generated by this heating method Short, small steam flow, how can we meet the needs of users car wash it? In fact, it is related to the design core of gas-fired steam cleaners - air ducts and air supply devices.

The latest gas-fired steam cleaners are no longer boilers producing steam, but rather more funny steam generators. This system consists of two major parts of the combustion chamber and the air duct and air supply unit. The rational structure design makes the steam generator The steam production efficiency is extremely high. In this case, gas-fired steam cleaners produce high-temperature and high-pressure steam. So what are the standards for the combustion chamber and the air duct, so that the steam car washer can generate such a large amount of steam?

The air duct and air supply device should be able to ensure the required air supply for combustion so that the gas combustion efficiency can be maintained highly efficient. Therefore, on the gas-fired steam car washing machine, we can see that the top one pipe is sticking out. Some users feel that this ugly pipe is too big. Long energy can not shorten the point, it looks more beautiful, Yu Wang manufacturers have also considered this issue, but when the pipeline is shortened, the exhaust gas generated by the internal combustion chamber can not be smoothly sent to reduce the combustion efficiency, but also directly lead to steam production The rate is reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure that the gas-fired steam cleaner produces a sufficient amount of steam, this pipeline can only be designed as long.

In the air duct, an adjustable throttle door shall be installed to adjust the amount of air entering the combustion chamber through the throttle door to ensure the use requirements of the low altitude and high sea areas. When the product is shipped from the factory, the air door is set to the state of low altitude, and the throttle door is used. There are also reliable measures against loosening.

Through the design of the above various internal structures and strict regulations, the combustion chamber is tightly integrated with the air duct and the air supply device to improve the combustion efficiency of the combustion chamber. The steam of the gas-fired steam cleaner is thus produced. When the user starts to use, the steam generated is not only large in volume, but also has high pressure. With the pressure provided by the high-pressure pump, the gas pressure of the king's gas-fired steam cleaner can reach 20 kilograms, which is the largest pressure in the country and can be lower than the common gas type. Steam cleaners wash more stubborn stains.

Ptfe Pleated Filter Cartridge

Ptfe Membrane Filter Cartridge is with hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane, hot melted   with PP corn or stainless steel corn. Good integrality, free of surfactants. It can be used for gas and Liquid Filtration.

● Features and Benefits

Strong hydrophobicity; 
Absolute filtration under the wet environment;
Wide chemical compatibility, resistant to strong alkali, acids, aggressive gases and solvents, ozone;
Geometrically unique pores, long service life, excellent performance
High temperature endurance performance
Biological safety and good pyrogen control 
Irreplaceable filter materials.
All products have passed 100% integrity testing.
● Micron Rating(µm): 0.10   0.20   0.45   1.00   5.00

● Typical Applications

1. Tank vent, Fermentation air;
2. Compressed air, CO2 line sterile filtration;
3. Air Filtration in aseptic packaging;
4. Aggressive acids, Bases, Solvents;
5. Photoresists, Etch Solutions;

● Materials of Construction

Filter Media:  PTFE
Support Layer: Polypropylene
Inner Core: Polypropylene
Outer Core: Polypropylene/Stainless Steel

●Cartridge Dimensions

Outer Diameter: 68mm
Inner Diameter: 33mm
Effective Filtration Area: ≥0.65m2
Length: 2.5"~40"

●Operation Conditions

Normal Operating Temperature: ≤65℃
Max. Operating Temperature: 90℃(△P≤0.10Mpa)
Max. Differential Pressure:  Normal Flow direction:4.2 bar at 25℃
Reverse Flow direction: 2.1 bar at 25℃
Steam Sterilization for 30 minutes at 140±2℃
PH Value compatibility: 1-14

●Cartridge Safety

Endotoxin: <0.25 EU/ml
Extractable: 0.03g/10"

PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge

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