Eight-seater commercial vehicle cannot choose parking place


Now, there is a common situation in both municipalities and first-tier cities. That is, people have more vehicles, but the traffic lanes become crowded and narrow because of too many vehicles, and traffic jams are getting worse and they can find one. The location of parking is also quite difficult. Difficulty in parking is the most common in some communities. Nowadays, five out of ten people have cars. If eight business car drivers do not find a suitable parking space in the community, they usually choose one casually. The location of the vehicle can be parked. But sometimes because the position of the eight commercial vehicles is not very good, and it is relatively easy to be destroyed by artificial or accidental situations, I will simply say for everyone that the eight commercial vehicles cannot be parked anywhere. What about vehicles?

1. The aisles of the old community are built relatively narrowly, and the people living in the community are going through every day. There are old people and children who will come out in the shade or play after they have dinner. If you park your eight commercial vehicles When you reach the middle of the aisle or occupy the position on the side, and it is affecting the normal activities of the surrounding residents, because the old communities are rarely equipped with monitoring equipment, so the residents are angry, or bear children naughty circumstances It is possible to damage the paint, window glass, or other places of eight commercial vehicles.


2. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a parking space. Some eight-seat commercial vehicle drivers will choose to park the vehicle randomly on the edge of some of the surrounding buildings. This is not appropriate because the building is still under construction. The physical security couldn't help the workers in the process of construction. Some debris or stones, construction tools, etc. would fall from high altitude, thus damaging some of the eight commercial vehicles. It would be too late to regret it. Now. And on the construction side of the building, there will be a lot of dust, which will make many concrete stick to the commercial vehicle and become very difficult to clean.


3. In the last resort, it is not possible to park a commercial vehicle under a tree. Some trees produce gum, and there is a certain acidity in the gum. When eight commercial vehicles are parked under a tree, The vehicle is very easy to stick to this thing. If it is not cleaned in time, the gum will hurt the paint of the eight commercial vehicles for a long time. In addition, do not park eight commercial vehicles in front of someone's garage door, near a narrow intersection, or a fire exit.

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