Seventy-one launched to meet the TierIII emission hybrid system

Recently, CSIC 711 launched the first domestic hybrid electric power system that meets Tier III emissions.

         According to reports, the set of hybrid electric power systems are all domestically produced, of which 2 sets of 6CS21/32 diesel engines (purchasing supply of products), SCR systems, and control systems (purchasing and supply of product warehouses) are independently developed and produced by 711. The system can reduce the installed power by 20%. In low-load conditions, the host can be stopped (purchasing supply of the product library), power is generated by 2-3 units, and the electric motor (purchasing supply) is used to drive the propeller (product library). Buying supplies), so that ships can get 8-10 knots. Under various load conditions, the indicators of the system are superior to the conventional mechanical propulsion system (purchasing supply of product warehouse). After the installation of the system as a tugboat (ship type shipyard), it will save more than 20% of fuel every year. The system is also equipped with four modes of diesel propulsion, motor propulsion, diesel-electric propulsion and PTO power generation. The mode is switched to one-button conversion, which is convenient for the crew to operate.

         The system will be delivered by the end of this year, first installed in port tugboats to meet the latest emission requirements and contribute to the construction of green ports. The diesel-electric hybrid system can also be widely used in scientific research vessels (ship-type shipyards trading), official ships (ship-type shipyards trading), passenger rolling ships (ship-type shipyards trading), engineering ships (ship-type shipyards trading) and other conditions are complex and variable High-end ships.

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