The location of the truck is easier to be frozen

Those trucks that have a relatively long service life have a certain chance of being frozen in the winter, because the old trucks are not very good in terms of antifreeze performance, and their fluids are also low in antifreeze performance. There will be a situation where the truck crane is frozen. In the north, under the condition of low temperature, there will be blizzard weather. Many vehicles will be covered with goose feathers and snow, if they do not carry out some protective measures, when they are in urgent need of using the crane At the time, it was discovered that the front and rear windshields, doors, windows, and wipers of the vehicles were frozen by rain and snow. In fact, these are just some of the external situations that we can intuitively see.


In the stormy weather, many truck drivers like to park their cars in some open-air parking lots, but when you open the door, they find that the windows actually have a thick layer of ice. The door could not be opened, even the wiper was frozen. Some of the truck-mounted drivers do accumulate a lot of freezing experience in daily life, such as using hot water to sprinkling frozen wipers and windows, etc., but after the explanation of relevant experts, using this method To thaw, it is damaged to the crane. Therefore, drivers of vehicles still need to learn some tricks about unfreezing the vehicle in rain and snow.

I used to see many drivers in my life. After the front windshield of the vehicle was frozen, it was a way to open the wiper to remove the snow. When the wiper was not frozen, it was fortunate. Don't hurt yourself. Vehicles. If the front windshield of the truck crane accumulates relatively thick snow, even if there is icing, the use of a wiper or some rubber strips and Plastic Parts is used for snow clearance. It will cause some damage to the front windshield. You can use some hard plastic scrapers or snow shovels for vehicle glass to clear the snow.

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