The urgent task of traditional packaging machinery is to establish an industry standard that meets international standards.

It is understood that the countries with high levels of foreign packaging and food machinery are mainly the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. Germany's packaging machinery is leading in design, manufacturing and technical performance.

Packaging machinery has become an important help for industrial modernization Prior to the advent of packaging machinery, packaging was almost entirely based on human manual packaging, which was not only slow, but also unsatisfactory in terms of packaging's standardization, accuracy, and aesthetic level. At the same time, it also caused Huge labor costs. With the appearance of various types of packaging machinery, especially the emergence of automated packaging lines in recent years, only a few or even one person can be responsible for the operation of the entire packaging plant and become an important help for industrial modernization.

Starting late, rapid development is the main feature of the domestic packaging machinery industry. At present, the industry has entered the period of product structure adjustment and improvement of innovation capabilities. Some packaging machinery has filled the gaps in the domestic market and can basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products still have exports. However, as a whole, it is large but not strong, its quality is not high, its ability for independent innovation is weak, and its international competitiveness is not strong. Compared with the international advanced level, there is still a big gap.

According to industry insiders, the new packaging machines with intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace traditional ones and become the mainstream of the future. This is an effective way for packaging machinery companies to achieve sustainable development, and it is also the ultimate goal of their technological reforms.

Relevant experts suggest that China's packaging machinery industry can only use scientific and technological innovation, close to users, and independent research and development as soon as possible instead of blindly introducing and counterfeiting traditional models, in order to make China's packaging industry and market healthy development. At the moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustments, technological upgrades, and product replacements, domestic companies need to adopt independent innovation and in-depth digestion to develop their businesses and enhance their competitiveness in a pragmatic attitude in order to become a giant in the packaging machinery industry.

At present, the trend of intelligentization and automation in the packaging machinery industry is already very obvious. Although China is a big producer of packaging machinery, its strength in two aspects is still relatively weak and it cannot adapt to the current production needs. China must promote the transformation of the packaging machinery industry to high-end production, work hard in automation control and intelligent operation, and actively launch an impact on the industry's superior level.

Shrinking packaging machine will be more modern China's shrink packaging machine industry from scratch, after years of unremitting development, and finally achieved something. At the beginning of the development of packaging machinery in China, many packaging machine manufacturers did not fully understand the new type of packaging equipment, such as heat shrink packaging machines. Heat shrink packaging machines were once rejected by manufacturers.

At the beginning, the domestic heat shrink packaging machine market was a blank. Although China's heat shrink packaging machine industry does not have advanced technology, China's shrinkable packaging machine companies have never given up, relying on imitating foreign advanced shrink machine equipment manufacturing and production, heat shrinking machine ultimately with its unique performance and advantages and manufacturers keep trying. The company has gained trust and favor from the market and slowly established a foothold in the Chinese market.

Nowadays, the heat shrink packaging machine is widely used, especially for the safety of medicines. The medicines require high-quality packaging equipment. The heat shrinking packaging machine has a good effect on the sealing of the products and prevents the products from being interfered by external factors and creating products. A better living environment.

The use of heat shrink packaging machine packaging is one of the most advanced packaging methods in the market. It is wrapped with shrink film on the outside of the product or package. After heating, the shrinking film is tightly wrapped around the product or package to fully display the appearance of the product and improve the product's sales and sales. , increase the beauty and sense of value.

At the same time, the packaged articles can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and protected from external shocks, and have certain cushioning properties, especially when packaging fragile items, to prevent the containers from scattering when broken. At the same time as it continues to develop, it has achieved innovation in terms of technical support, and will be able to get a better package for the future and add a layer of technical protection.

With the appearance of packaging equipment, products such as food, daily chemical, and light industry have made great breakthroughs in terms of quality and quantity. In particular, the emergence of heat shrink packaging machines has made the product development With the progress, there are more levels of change in its packaging.

Currently, heat shrink packaging machines are one of the more advanced packaging methods. After heating, the shrink film is tightly wrapped around the product or package, fully displaying the appearance of the product, improving the product's salesability, and increasing the appearance and value. At the same time, the products packaged by heat shrink packaging machines can be sealed, moisture-proof and protect goods from external shocks, and have certain cushioning properties. The prospects for the development of heat-shrinkable packaging machines will be promising.

In the face of modern shrinking packaging machines, they have found their position in the market. In many industries, there are shrinking packaging machines. It is this way that more means the development of enterprises, so in the development, only Constantly accelerating their own pace of development can better achieve the rapid development of enterprises.

With the advent of the era of global economic integration, heat-shrinkable packaging machines have gained more room for development. Enterprises must constantly strengthen the research, development, and innovation of technologies. Only by mastering high-tech technologies and mastering core technologies can they develop potential markets. Strive to develop in the direction of high-end, to meet ourselves with higher standards, and constantly make breakthroughs. Only innovation can promote the long-term development of heat-shrinkable packaging machines.

The establishment of an industry standard that meets international standards is imperative. In order to adapt to the ever-changing market and meet the needs of different manufacturers, more and more packaging machinery manufacturers are developing non-standard machinery. The people-oriented principle is very good, but if it is blindly developed, it has no function. The user's purpose is well reflected. The equipment will cause downtime, not practical, and even wasteful.

Therefore, the establishment of industry standards is extremely important. China's existing packaging machinery standards and guidelines do not meet the requirements of globalization. To a large extent, China lacks advanced and applicable technical standards that meet international requirements. Norms, we are now actively referencing EU standards and international standards, the development or revision of domestic technical standards, as soon as possible to change the face of China's technical standards.

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