Changchai to carry out key-scale corporate quality credit activities

Since entering the quality month of September 2013, Changchai has taken the lead in carrying out key corporate quality credit activities in Changzhou City. Recently, Changzhou Daily was one of Changzhou City's Quality Month series activities, under the Changjiang China led by the Deputy Director of Changzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. , Changzhou Evening News, China Changzhou Network and other media to the company research, an interview with Changchai quality management results. The vice president of Changchai Wei Jinxiang, the Ministry of Political Affairs, the Quality Assurance Department, and the relevant person in charge of the machine processing plant met with the research group.

The research group watched the Changchai 100th Anniversary celebration video. Wei Jinxiang, the deputy general manager introduced the history and development of Changchai, and made a comprehensive introduction to the quality system, equipment, products, research and development of Changchai Engine . The research team believes that Changchai insists on “quality first” as the basis for setting up a factory. In the process of enterprise development, it focuses on the fine traditions and advantages of grasping quality and grasping management, and actively promotes quality management in line with international standards. The quality assurance system is more scientific and more standardized, ensuring that Changchai’s quality advantage is enduring.

It is reported that in 2012, 399 industrial enterprises in Changzhou were recognized by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and Jiangsu Provincial Social Credit System Construction Leading Group Office as Grade A enterprises of Jiangsu Province for quality credit evaluation, and Changchai was identified as a quality credit rating. There are only 8 AA companies and AA companies in the city.

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