Changzhou Uniform Drying Launches Vitamin Air Spray (Pelleting) Dryer

The advanced technical team of Changzhou Unified Drying is dedicated to the research and development of efficient and environmentally friendly drying equipment. The recently independently developed airflow spray (granulation) dryer is suitable for high and low temperature drying of general solutions, especially for stickies, pastes and slurries. The drying effect of the material is better and other equipment cannot be replaced.
Working principle: After the clean air is heated, it enters into the drying tower. In the tower, it is heated with two-fluid (or three-fluid) nozzles to atomize all kinds of liquid into tiny droplets. It exchanges rapidly with hot air and evaporates the water in the liquid (or The solvent) is discharged with hot air to obtain a powdery or granular product.
1. It is suitable for the drying of high and low temperature of general solution, especially for the drying effect of sticky, paste, and thin slurry materials. Other equipments cannot be replaced.
2. The spray equipment has a reasonable structure, convenient maintenance and low operating costs, and is suitable for automated flow operations.
3. The product is powdery and granular. Users can adjust the particle size according to their needs.
4. The resulting product has a good powdery flow and a high true density of the granular product, basically spherical particles.
Note: 1. This equipment is larger than 200 type can be designed and manufactured according to actual needs; 2. Fan power is a standard process, such as adding bag dust and recovery of solvents will increase.
Application range:
Food: Condiments, flavors, spices, coffee, soy sauce, starch, protein and other medicines: vitamins, amino acids, biological products, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, etc. Chemicals: mineral products, graphite, kaolin, and other chemical products. Typical users 1. Qingdao Graphite Corporation 2. Bilong Bioengineering Center

JYG oar Paddle Drying Machine is a horizontal agitated dryer (low speed), which is designed with double or four axles. This drying equipment is equipped with a stirring paddle to make the wet material in full contact with heat transfer medium and heating surface, thus achieving the purpose of drying.

Our oar paddle dryer is designed for drying of plastics, resin products, inorganic medicines, fertilizers, feed, food, fiber, and dye. Typical materials dried by this equipment include vinyl chloride, resin, nylon, polyethylene, starch, sodium chloride, sugar, iron oxide, feldspar, and soda ash.

1. Compact structure, small floor area
2. High thermal efficiency, which can be 80%-90%
3. Low speed of our oar paddle drying machine results in minimal damage to raw materials.

4. Flexible operation, e.g.: the material residence time can be adjusted from several minutes to several hours.
5. JYG oar paddle dryer is very versatile, which can complete operations like drying, cooling, gas recovery, etc. 

Oar Drying Machine

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