The working principle and structural characteristics of the rod flotation machine

The rod type flotation machine is one of the new flotation machines newly developed in China in recent years, and it belongs to the mechanical stirring type flotation machine. It has been finalized for production, and its structure and working principle are shown in the following figure:

The working principle of the rod type flotation machine: when the main shaft rotates, a negative pressure is generated in the flotation wheel. The air is drawn through the mid-air shaft and split by the flotation wheel to disperse into tiny bubbles. Due to the strong agitation and ejection of the flotation wheel, the slurry is thoroughly mixed with the air. Under the action of the slanting rod of the flotation wheel, the slurry mixture is first pushed forward, and then the boss (gauge) and the orphan The flow guiding action of the flow stabilizer is continuously and evenly distributed in the groove, and finally the reflection at the bottom of the groove, the wall of the groove and the steady flow path of the orphaned plate are formed into a W shape from the longitudinal section of the groove. This flow feature allows the range of the agitation zone to be relatively enlarged, the range of the sorting zone to be relatively reduced, and the shallower groove to be narrower. The former increases the chance of contact between the ore particles and the bubbles, which is advantageous for the mineralization of the foam, and the mineralized foam rises to the foam area and is scraped off into a foam product by the scraper.
The working principle of the suction tank is the same as that of the vertical sand pump, that is, the indenter is produced by means of a rotating lifting wheel, and the slurry is sucked from the draft tube at the bottom of the tank and raised to the required height.
The rod type flotation machine has two types of grooves, one is called a flotation tank, and only functions as a flotation. The other type is called the suction tank. In addition to the flotation function, there is also the ability to absorb the slurry for the return of the mine. The difference in structure between the two types of grooves is that the lower part of the flotation wheel of the flotation tank is provided with a suction device, the gland is replaced by a boss, and the power is small, and the rest of the structure is the same as the suction groove.
The rod type flotation machine is characterized by rod wheel agitation, shallow tank flotation, pump wheel suction, large aeration, strong stirring force, high bubble dispersion, slurry flow trajectory is "W" type, adaptability is good, adaptability is greater than Specific gravity, coarse fraction, high concentration of flotation.
However, the rod wheel of the rod type flotation wears faster, and the structure of the suction groove is complicated. Since the structure of the suction tank and the flotation tank are different, it is troublesome to change the production process.

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