Basic conditions for separation of ore particles during magnetic separation

Magnetic separation process can be seen from the schematic, the magnetic ore particles recovered magnetic product of the motion trajectory is determined by the magnetic forces and mechanical forces acting on the magnetic force of the ore particles determined. And the non-magnetic ore particles into the product, due to the magnetic force is small, even by the magnetic force, its trajectory determined only by mechanical force. When the magnetic field on the magnetic separator on the ore particles greater than the mechanical force, magnetic mineral particles are attracted to the cylinder, and rotating with the cylinder, to the unloading ore mining as output, the non-magnetic mineral particles The slurry flow is discharged as tailings.

        It can be seen that in order to ensure the separation of magnetic ore particles from non-magnetic ore particles, the magnetic force acting on the magnetic ore particles must be greater than the combined force of all mechanical forces opposite to its direction, ie

magnetic > Σ f machine


In the middle     f magnetic - the magnetic force acting on the ore particles;

                      Σ f machine - a direction opposite to the magnetic force of the mechanical force (including gravity, centrifugal force, friction, hydrodynamic, etc.).

         If you want strong and weak magnetism of magnetic two minerals well separated, must be strong magnetic force of the magnetic mineral particles is greater than the resultant force suffered magnetic force opposite to the direction of mechanical force, and the magnetic ore particles by weak The magnetic force to be subjected must be less than the combined force of the mechanical force opposite to the magnetic force, that is, the following conditions must be met:

f 1 magnetic >f machine >f 2 magnetic


Where f 1 magnetic , f 2 magnetic one - magnetic on the magnetic particles with strong magnetic properties and weak magnetic properties   force.

         This formula illustrates the separation of different conditions not only of the magnetic mineral particles, also described magnetic substance, i.e., magnetic separation using a magnetic force and mechanical force to effect various different magnetic ore particles achieved.

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