Taiwanese merchants negotiate Jinda zinc sulfate dryer

Drying equipment In the near future, Kinda has welcomed another group of overseas customers. The visit was from Taiwan. The main purpose of this visit was to look at a hydrated zinc sulfate dryer.
Under the guidance of General Director of Health and Dachao, Taiwanese customers visited Jianda's factory environment, production workshops, warehouses, and other infrastructure. Immediately after the preliminary communication between the two parties in the meeting room of Jinda for the purchase of zinc sulphate heptahydrate dryer, the customer understood the performance advantages and after-sales service of the Janda drying equipment. In the communication process, the whole Strength has been highly recognized. On this basis, the two parties reached preliminary cooperation intentions and achieved further talks on the issues of purchase, transportation and maintenance in the later period.
I wish the company's cooperation with the Taiwan customer's Qishui zinc sulphate dryer is a complete success! The company will continue to adhere to quality and service, and work together with friends from all over the world in a broader overseas market to achieve mutual benefit, create green production and create a harmonious future.

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