Heavy-tooth marine gearbox technology innovation and fruitful results

According to CSIC Heavy Industry: In the leading products of Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd., the heavy-tooth marine gearbox is a luxuriant flower developed by science and technology innovation. After 45 years of innovation and development, the heavy-tooth marine gearbox has been It is a leafy and fruitful fruit, and it is now one of the three major industries in the “331” project.
The rapid development of heavy teeth in recent years is inseparable from the brand name of heavy-duty marine gearboxes. This product is widely used in a variety of ships, yachts and ships. While continuously expanding the original three series of GW, GC and GVA products, we have continuously strengthened the ship supporting equipment, actively participated in the matching of gearbox products in the national “Hundred Ships Project”, and improved and improved the design of high-speed marine gearboxes. And production, expanding the inland waterway and offshore high-speed traffic market; strengthening the supporting services of the ship's gearbox, the marine market has been consolidated and expanded.
In recent years, the company has continuously innovated according to market demand, and combined with the application of modern design analysis technology, independently developed a larger size and a variety of special forms of marine gearboxes. In particular, the GW series has been re-expanded, and the company has successfully developed the largest GW6675 and GW7085 high-power marine gearboxes at that time. Subsequently, the GW7590 and CW(R)095 large-scale marine gearboxes were developed, which are currently in a leading position at home and abroad and have strong competitive advantages. The GW6675 and other five product models have become the largest GW series marine gearbox with reverse clutch function in China, with a maximum transmission power of 10,000 kW.
At the beginning of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the company successfully produced eight gearboxes for fuel-fired combined power propulsion for the first time, with a transmission power of more than 20,000 kW. Subsequently, it successfully manufactured the first dual-cylinder combined power propulsion gearbox in China. The transmission power of up to 10,000 kW or more; followed by the heavy tooth company has successfully built the first domestic 17,000 kW dual-machine parallel high-power marine gearbox. The heavy gear company relies on advanced design technology, and the marine gearbox developed and produced has won wide recognition from users in the fierce market competition. It has won the third prize of “National Quality Award Silver Award” and “National Defense Science and Technology Award”. “National Key New Products”, “National Authoritative Testing and Compliance Products”, “Chongqing Famous Products”, and “Famous Brand Products” in China's fishing machine industry; in 2007, “Heavy Gear Marine Gearboxes” was rated as “National Five ministries” Chinese famous brand products.
In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened its scientific and technological innovation and achieved remarkable results. At present, it has formed 205 intellectual achievements, 21 core technologies, 38 key technologies and 89 proprietary technologies. It has 122 patents, including 11 invention patents. It is used in ships, metallurgy, building materials, thermal power, hydropower, railway locomotives, aerospace and other fields. It provides powerful technical support for the second venture, the billion-dollar and the century-old foundation of the heavy-tooth company.

Mask Machine

1.The production efficiency of Face Mask Machine is pretty high. The integrated machines use three folding mechanism,which can save 10 minutes for each material change or debugging
2.Full computer PLC control, high degree of servo / step drive / automation, high stability and low failure rate
3.Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste
4. Photoelectric detection and automatic counting in process of production (including total count and batch count)
5.Photoelectric detection and automatic counting in process of production (including total count and batch count)
6.Add an additional rectification mechanism at the material entrance to reduces the difficulty of debugging and improves material alignment accuracy
7.Remotely control to resolve technical issues
8. Increase limit block to improve the stability at high speed.

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