Casting Technology: Future Trends of Mold Heat Treatment Technology

The manufacturing precision of the mold: Non-uniform tissue transformation, incompleteness, and excessive residual stress caused by heat treatment cause deformation of the mold after processing, assembly, and use of the mold after heat treatment, thereby reducing the accuracy of the mold or even scrapping.

The strength of the mold: improper heat treatment process, non-standard heat treatment operation, or incomplete state of the heat treatment equipment, resulting in the strength (hardness) of the treated mold does not meet the design requirements.

The working life of the mold: the irrational structure of the microstructure caused by the heat treatment, and excessive grain size, leading to the decline of the main properties such as mold toughness, cold and hot fatigue performance, anti-wear properties, etc., affect the working life of the mold.

Mold manufacturing cost: As the middle part of the mold manufacturing process or the final process, the heat treatment causes cracking, deformation and poor performance. In most cases, the mold will be scrapped. Even if it can continue to be used through repair, it will also increase working hours. , To extend the delivery time and increase the manufacturing cost of the mold.

It is the heat treatment technology and the quality of the mold that are closely related to each other, making these two technologies mutually promote and improve together in the process of modernization. In recent years, the rapid development of international mold heat treatment technology is vacuum heat treatment technology, mold surface strengthening technology and pre-hardening technology of mold materials.

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