How to detect pesticide residues?

People know that pesticide residues are harmful, and agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits that are in direct contact with humans are increasingly concerned about the existence of excessive pesticide residues. So, in terms of these agricultural products, how should pesticide residues be detected?

Whether the vegetables and fruits with bright and beautiful appearance are produced by excessive use of pesticides is really difficult to judge through the naked eye. Because the pesticide residues are invisible and invisible, they must be detected by professional technical means. At present, the detection methods of pesticide residues are mainly divided into biological detection methods and physical and chemical detection methods. The biological detection method is a biological method for the detection of pesticide residues, which can accurately reflect the pesticide residue. This method does not need to carefully process the sample, and the method is convenient and simple to operate, but the biological requirements for the standard are very high, and false positives or False negative conditions are more, and improper operation during the test will result in errors that do not reflect the type and concentration of pesticide organic compounds. The physical and chemical detection method mainly uses instruments for inspection, including instrument analysis method, conventional chemical analysis method and rapid analysis method. For example, gas chromatography analysis and liquid chromatography analysis are instrumental analysis methods.

Pesticide residue tester

At present, with the increasing demand for pesticide residue detection, it is necessary for the industry to initially screen the quality and safety of agricultural products. Therefore, the pesticide residue detection method used is usually a rapid analysis method, and in order to further simplify the operation steps and lower the threshold for use, A pesticide residue tester came into being. The instrument adopts the typical rapid detection method of pesticide residue. The instrument is easy to carry, easy to operate, fast in detection speed, and can obtain test results in real time. It is the pesticide residue detection in the production process, supermarket, farmer market and quality and safety inspection department. The ideal instrument.

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