Hole plate flowmeter problems and solutions

Problems with the orifice flowmeter and solutions:

Orifice flowmeter is currently the main means for measuring the flow of gas, steam, liquid and lead in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, heating, water supply and other fields.
1. Variation of flow cross-sectional area In the field use, the surface of the orifice plate may be bonded with a layer of dirt or impurities, resulting in a smaller cross-sectional area of ​​the flow, and the differential pressure will increase, thereby increasing the flow rate.
Solution: Check that the area around the orifice is clean and clean it.
2. Transmitter zero drift If the use time is long, the zero point of the transmitter may drift. If it is positive drift, the displayed differential pressure will increase and the displayed flow will increase.
Solution: Correct the zero point of the transmitter.
3. The length of the straight pipe section upstream and downstream of the orifice flowmeter is not enough. If the length of the straight pipe section is not enough, the gas will not be fully developed, which will cause a large error in the measurement result. If there is a single elbow or plane in the upstream straight pipe section. Double elbows will make the measurement results higher.
Solution: Reform the steam pipeline so that the length of the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections meets the specified requirements. Install a rectifier before the throttling device.
4. The thickness of the orifice plate does not meet the requirements. The thickness of the orifice plate specified in the standard should be between the thickness of the orifice opening of the orifice plate and 0.05D. If this range is exceeded, the resistance loss of the gas flowing through the orifice plate will increase, making the measured value higher than the actual value.
Orifice flowmeter solution: Check the thickness of the orifice plate. If it is outside this range, replace it.
Orifice flowmeter
5. Leakage of the three-valve of the differential pressure transmitter If the low-pressure valve in the three-valve group leaks, the differential pressure will increase and the measurement result will increase. Solution: If the low pressure valve in the three valve group leaks, tighten the valve and replace if necessary.
6. The liquid level of the isolation liquid is not equal. The liquid level in the pressure tube from the condensation tank to the differential pressure transmitter is to separate the high temperature medium from the differential pressure transmitter to protect the differential pressure transmitter. If the low pressure level is higher than the high pressure level, the differential pressure will increase and the measured flow will increase.
Solution: Check if the height of the high and low side condensation tanks is consistent. If they are not consistent, correct them. Check that the height of the condensate tank is higher than the steam line. If it is lower than the pipe, raise the height of the condensate tank.

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