How is the wiring in the computer room project beautiful and standardized?

The renderings of the computer room standard Wiring project, the good wiring effect is really comfortable, many friends mentioned how to standardize the wiring of the computer room project? In this issue, let's take a look at it.
First, the cabling specification of the machine room bridge
According to the type of cable, the bridge is divided into a fiber bridge and a network bridge.
What should I do when I encounter a corner when I am walking on the bridge? The corner line should have a certain degree of curvature and be close to the inside line. When routing cables across the cabinet, you need to route them through the upper or lower holes of the cabinet. When laying the optical fiber, you need to bypass the network cable bridge and then insert it into the fiber bridge. It is preferred to use the bridge near the cold Channel side. When the fiber is offline, it needs to be deployed through the lower hole of the cabinet. At the same time, the cable to be laid out needs to be reserved in the cabinet.
The laying network cable also needs to pass through the upper hole of the cabinet, and it is preferred to use the side of the bridge near the cold aisle. When the length of the cable to be laid is too long, the excess cable can be coiled and fixed with a cable tie to the top of the cabinet. In addition, the wiring on the bridge needs to be tied and fixed with a cable tie at intervals, and the wiring is beautiful and convenient for finishing.
Second, the use of cabinet cable management and cable trough
When installing a switch or network device, you need to install a cable management arm above the switch to facilitate wiring. The wiring should be evenly distributed from the back of the cabinet through the corresponding opening of the cable management frame, so that the cable that distributes the cable management frame evenly through the opening of the cable management frame needs to be bent by a certain arc, and the cable is used to tie the cable and the cable. Fix the upper side of the rack and connect to the corresponding switch port. The cable label needs to be attached to the bend of the cable to maintain the relevant height and neatly oriented. When the back of the cabinet is tied, it needs to be bundled in order from the inside to the outside, in the order of the optical fiber, the network cable, and the power cable, and the cable is kept horizontal and vertical.
Third, what is the irregular wiring
Have looked at the standard wiring, let's see what is the way to avoid specification:
When the optical fiber is bundled, the curved curvature of the optical fiber should not be too small, otherwise the optical fiber may be damaged or the loss is serious. When routing, it is not advisable to bend the cable too large or fold, otherwise it will affect the cable data transmission. When the bridge is routed, it is preferred to deploy from the side of the bridge near the cold aisle, and the wiring is unfavorable from the outside. When the bridge is wired, it is not advisable to place the cable of the coil on the bridge, otherwise the space of the bridge will be affected. In addition, cable rims must not appear in the cabinet. No cable accumulation shall occur on the bridge. When the space of the bridge is insufficient, the bridge shall be expanded in time. The cable management arm should be installed above the network equipment such as switches. Cables in the cabinet, cables must not block the dispatch panel, affecting the maintenance and use of the later debug panels.

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