What functions should the shaft drilling rigs have?

The alley rock drilling rig should have the following basic functions:
First, the propulsion function
Drilling machine can move forward or backward along the borehole axis;
Second, the walking function
The entire trolley is easy to enter and exit the work surface;
Third, the tilt function
The rock drill should be able to be at any angle to the working surface;
Fourth, translation function
Rock drills should be able to drill parallel drill holes or various linear grooved blastholes;
Five, variable amplitude function
The arm swings up and down and left and right, and the hole position can be determined according to design requirements;
Figure 1 is a schematic view of a CGJ-2 type trolley.

Fig.1 Schematic diagram of CGJ-2 double-machine all-way rock drilling rig
1—hanging bucket; 2―controller; 3—resistor; 4—wind motor; 5—hydraulic joystick;
6-brake; 7-wind control handle; 8-light; 9-control console; 10-motor;
11-speed reducer; 12-fixed air cylinder; 13-turn column; 14-drill arm; 15-support cylinder;
16-pitch angle cylinder; 17-rock drill; 18-propeller; 19-compensation cylinder; 20-frame;
21-drill rod; 22-slewing cylinder; 23-swing angle cylinder

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