Hanger type garbage truck starter and other circuit failures

When the starter is switched on and the starter does not turn on when cranking the starter of the garbage truck and other circuits, the crankshaft can be cranked and cranked without heavy weight, indicating that the starter or its circuit is out of order. problem. There are two main reasons why diesel engine malfunctions are difficult to start due to diesel engine faults. The start-up resistance torque is too large. This is due to the fact that the main reason for the excessive rotating-resistance moment of the diesel engine due to the low air temperature and excessive oil-viscous viscosity is that the main bearing and the connecting rod bearing are sintered, or the piston pin is seized, and the piston ring is broken and the cylinder is broken. Wait.

Hanging barrel garbage truck cylinder seal is not strict, for long-term use of diesel engines, pistons, cylinder liners and piston rings due to severe wear makes the cylinder seal is not strict, is a common reason for diesel engine is difficult to start. The valve leakage, which makes it difficult to start the diesel engine is a common phenomenon. Changes in the conditions of use, while maintenance and maintenance have not kept pace with, can also make it difficult for diesel engines to start. For example, the wrong grade of diesel oil, or other oils such as gasoline mixed with gasoline, can significantly impair the fuel's ignitability.

Another example is the abrupt change of weather and the sudden drop in temperature, which causes the fuel and lubricating oils of the hanging-type garbage truck to become sticky, its flow performance deteriorates, the fuel oil cannot be well atomized, and the torque caused by the oil increases, which may also cause temporary start-up difficulties. In winter, not fully preheating the diesel engine prior to start-up was also one of the causes of starting difficulties. To make the diesel engine start smoothly, it must have four basic conditions, namely the machine temperature is above 20BC, the cylinder pressure meets the requirements, the starting speed exceeds 120dmin, and the fuel can be well atomized.

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