The woman passes the rail and refuses security check to bite the security to be detained on the 3rd

The 53rd "World Table Tennis Tournament" will be held in Suzhou from April 26 to May 3. To ensure the smooth progress of this sports event, Suzhou Police will increase the security level of rail transit from this Friday. A total of 46 stations across the entire rail transit line in Suzhou will be subject to normal security checks. Passengers who refuse security checks will be punished according to relevant regulations.

At present, 88 tunnel-type security devices, 88 liquid detectors, 656 security inspectors, and 135 security supervisors of the Suzhou Rail Transit Line No. 1 and No. 2 have basically been put in place. The Municipal Public Security Bureau Urban Rail Traffic Public Security Sub-bureau for all security personnel Conducted professional business assessments, training, and evidence collection to ensure that security personnel had their certificates.

In order to standardize the operation of security inspections, the track operating branch, under the guidance of the traffic administrative department and the public security agency, compiled the "Safety Inspection Operational Standards (Trial)", stipulated the security inspection procedures, and formulated an emergency treatment for the discovery of suspicious articles. Measures.

After the start of security inspection, the rail transit company will adopt the “every package must be checked, every liquid must be checked” approach, prohibiting passengers from carrying guns, explosives, flammable and explosive materials, controlled knives, poisons, corrosives and other major categories of goods Inbound rides; restrictions on passengers carrying inflated balloons, pets, odorous objects, fragile sharp objects and other major categories of goods entering the station; weight exceeding 20 kg, length and breadth and over 1.8 meters, total volume exceeding 0.15 cubic meters Items will also be restricted from entering the station.

The reporter learned that since last August, Suzhou police have set up security inspection devices at six sites, including Leqiao, Guangjinan Road, and the railway station. The remaining sites use manual inspection methods to implement safety inspection measures for passengers entering the station. Up to now, a total of 1,151 items of various types of contraband and restricted products have been detected.

Among them, the public security authorities punished the parties in accordance with the laws of the four cases of serious refusal to check the police. In late August of last year, a woman refused safety inspection while on the rail transit line 2 and was controlled by security personnel. The woman thinks her rights and interests have been violated and she bites her security personnel. Subsequently, the woman was taken away by the police. In the end, the public security organs decided to carry out administrative detention on behalf of women for three days in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for Rail Transit in Suzhou City” and the “Public Security Administration Punishment Act.”

At the Xihuan Road Station, due to the lack of security inspection equipment at this site, the bulky baggage must be manually screened. From the police announced a section of monitoring can be seen, a man dragging the trunk to enter the station, the police assistant on the scene asked the man to open the luggage with the inspection. The man not only did not cooperate, but also started to assist the police. In the end, the man was punished by an administrative warning by the police for disturbing the order in public places.

According to Shi Weifeng, head of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of the Urban Public Security Bureau of Suzhou City, during the security inspection, it is hoped that the majority of passengers entering the station can cooperate with security personnel to conduct security inspections. For passengers who do not cooperate, the police will punish them according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

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