Comparative Study on Driving Modes of Remote Control Valves for Ballast System of Ocean Engineering Jack-up Drilling Platform

Abstract: As an important pipeline system for offshore engineering drilling platforms, ballast systems are of great significance for maintaining the stability of the platform under extreme conditions. In order to improve the automation management level and humanized management level of the platform, the remote control valve is widely recognized by the shipbuilding industry and marine engineering pipeline systems because of its advantages of ensuring smooth operation of the management system and reducing employee work intensity and misoperation rate. Based on the experience and lessons of offshore jack-up drilling rigs at home and abroad, combined with the specification requirements of the overall performance of the platform, this paper compares and analyzes the different driving modes of the remote control valves of the ballast system, and obtains the best driving method.
[Keywords] Self-elevating drilling platform remote valve driving method Introduction Generally, the pipe in the ballast system is installed under the double bottom and the main deck side tank along with the ballast tank of the jack-up drilling platform. Due to the large number of valves and the inconvenient operation of the ballast tanks (no ballast in the ballast tanks and water), the crew often enters the ballast tanks to open and close the corresponding valves. Not only the difficulty and work intensity, but also the danger of work. Sex is a great threat to the safety of the crew. Therefore, the use of remote control valves is of great significance to the ballast system of offshore engineering jack-up drilling platforms. According to the different driving methods, the remote control valves are divided into four types: electric drive remote control valve, pneumatic drive remote control valve, hydraulic drive remote control valve and electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve. The following is a comparative study based on this classification method.
1 ballast system remote control valve drive mode comparison 1.1 electric drive remote control valve electric drive remote control valve through the control button on the console, using alternating current or direct current to make the motor run, the valve is turned on and off through the motor forward, reverse and slow down Device implementation [1]. The electric drive remote control valve has the following advantages: (1) electric drive to quickly open or close the valve; (2) a wide range of electric drive kinetic energy; (3) simple cable construction and maintenance. In addition, the electric drive remote control valve also has the following defects: (1) Explosion-proof electric remote control valve and immersed electric remote control valve are expensive; (2) low mechanical performance, which is greatly affected by valve diameter; (3) cable is affected by The environmental impact is great. In the wet and salty working environment of the ship, the service life of the cable is short and the probability of accidents rises sharply.
1.2 Pneumatic drive remote control valve Pneumatic drive remote control valve is controlled by the control button on the console to control the corresponding door valve pipe solenoid valve to open or close, the power source comes from the pneumatic drive compressed air pressure [2]. Pneumatically driven remote control valves have the following advantages: (1) Power source air source is widely available, easy to obtain, with strong economy and applicability; (2) Simple supporting facilities, can achieve rapid response to valve opening and closing, and speed The speed is controllable; (3) the power source is clean and pollution-free, and can be directly discharged; (4) the service life is long and the drive head failure rate is low. At the same time, the pneumatic drive remote control valve also has the following disadvantages: (1) The distribution of the gas source control pipeline is more dispersed, the pipeline interface is more, and it is prone to leakage accident; (2) The compressed air is the driving power, the delay is easy, the valve is open or The control rate of the closed control is poor, and the maintenance is difficult at the later stage; (3) the mechanical efficiency is low, the suitability of the large diameter and the high pressure system is poor; (4) the space utilization of the drive head is low.
1.3 Hydraulic drive remote control valve The hydraulic drive remote control valve is controlled by the control button on the console to control the corresponding valve valve solenoid valve to open or close. The power source comes from the hydraulic actuator compression fluid pressure [3]. Hydraulic drives are high-pressure drive systems, mainly because their hydraulic oil pressure values ​​are usually at a high level. This working condition has high requirements on the instrument. From the solenoid valve box to the hydraulic drive on each remote control valve, each pipeline requires the use of high-precision stainless steel coils to ensure the long distance of the pipeline and eliminate the pipeline interface. The hydraulic pipeline leakage accident is caused, which greatly improves the stability of the operation of the remote control valve. At the same time, the arrangement of the hydraulically driven remote control valve is relatively simple, and can be laid in any place of the platform, and the reliability of the management system is higher. In addition, the hydraulically actuated remote control valve has the following disadvantages: due to the relatively complicated structure of the pipeline system, numerous equipments and high requirements on the instrument, the maintenance and repair tasks are relatively heavy at the same time; at the same time, due to the limitation of working pressure conditions, once in the hydraulic pipe The hydraulic oil is mixed with air and other impurities. The hydraulic drive has no venting equipment, which easily affects the stability and applicability of the remote control valve. As a low-power electrical equipment, the solenoid valve may be uncontrolled and malfunctioning, which is not conducive to opening the valve. Or off control.
1.4 Electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve Electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve is also based on liquid pressure as the operating power. The control cabinet is used to control the operation direction of the electro-hydraulic drive motor. This hydraulic power control oil from the forward or reverse of the hydraulic pump The opening and closing of the road, thereby controlling the opening or closing of the valve [4]. The electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve has the following advantages: (1) The remote control valves are independent of each other, and the operation, maintenance and maintenance do not affect the normal operation of other valves; (2) the cable replaces the stainless steel pipe to connect multiple devices, which is easy for later Maintenance, maintenance; (3) computer control system operation, adjust the valve opening and closing ratio, more advanced. In addition, the electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve also has certain disadvantages: (1) high environmental requirements, the valve is installed in a dry environment, the wet environment needs to be equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic valve; (2) the cable is connected to the computer, the power hydraulic head and other components The construction cost is expensive.
2 Conclusions Through the comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the four remote control valve driving modes of offshore engineering jack-up drilling rig electric drive, pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive and electro-hydraulic drive, it can be concluded that the electric drive remote control valve and the pneumatic drive remote control valve are powered by Limited supply is common in systems with small pipe diameters or in systems with relatively few valves, so jack-up rig systems use less electric-powered remote-controlled valves and pneumatically-driven remote-controlled valves. The electro-hydraulic-driven remote control valve is relatively expensive, and the jack-up drilling platform has about 180 remote control valves in the whole ship. The number is large and the cost is high. In addition, the remote control valve in the ballast system is usually located inside the ballast tank and is submerged. The valve does not meet the requirements of the electro-hydraulic drive valve for the dry environment, so the electro-hydraulic drive remote control valve is not suitable for jack-up drilling platforms. In summary, hydraulic drive is currently the best choice for jack-up rigs.
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About the author: Wang Chuanjie (1978—), male, Yantai, Shandong, Longkou CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. Outsourcing Management Center, mainly engaged in offshore engineering drilling platforms and other research.

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