Road sweeper maintenance tips

Road sweeper maintenance tips Air conditioning system dehumidification
Back in the South, the environment with the most feedback is the car smell, which is related to the user's car habits. When some sweeping vehicle drivers use the car, the time for switching the air conditioner is absolutely forbidden, and moisture and foreign matter in the fan will breed bacteria, which will lead to the appearance of odors. The principle of air conditioners used in sweeping vehicles is the same as that used in air conditioners. If we don't use water to drain water, then the moisture may grow bacteria and other substances outside the vehicle. Bacteria will degenerate objects, and the bad taste will evaporate.
Reminder: The correct way is to turn off the air-conditioning switch AC three or four minutes before parking and switch off the blower switch after two or three minutes. After AC is turned off, the blower blows the wind again, and the water can be blown away. This will not cause bacterial growth and there will be no odor. The same applies to automatic air conditioning, except that it automatically adjusts the temperature. In the AUTO mode, the driver of the sweeping vehicle should turn off the air conditioner before the engine is stopped, and turn off the blower after a few minutes.
Of course, some activated carbon can also be placed in the glove box to dehumidify and remove odors, which is also beneficial for the maintenance of road sweepers. If you do not use air conditioning, then you can turn the air conditioning to the coldest before parking, and then switch off after a few minutes. In this way, the moisture in the car can be cut off. If these three things can be done, then the car interior will not be too wet.
Brake system dehumidification
Cai Zhiwei told reporters that when the brakes are applied to the brakes, they must be able to frictionally stop the brake discs. In this weather, the dust jackets are easily hardened. By the time of March-April, the dust jackets are easy to intrude, and it is easy to rust for a long time. When nursed back to health, the technicians will check if the boot and the hook are leaked. Whether it will enter the air or not, generally add lubricating oil to the boot and pin, fill the cracks inside and isolate the air.
Some cars have been put on for too long, the boot and pin will harden, and they will rust in a long time. When the brakes are rusted, the pump will not move, and the brakes will be difficult to trample. If the speed is fast, then the 10-meter brake may produce 12 meters.
In addition, the brake fluid is water-absorbing. Generally, the brake fluid has a service life. When it is time to return to the South, it is necessary to check whether the brake fluid is discolored and whether it has reached the change time. If the brake fluid is used for too long or it is too long to run, it will easily fail. At this time, it needs to be changed. The repair shop generally has an instrument to detect the pH of the brake fluid. If it is lower than the scale, it is recommended that customers change the brake fluid.
Reminder: In a normal environment, there are benefits to having more cars. If you keep it open, the brake boot and pin will easily rust.
Cai Zhiwei first suggested that sweeper drivers should not park their cars in a place for a long time. It would be best to start the car once in two or three days. If the sweeper does not move for a long time, the intake pipe and the throttle are easy to absorb water. If it is made of aluminum, it will absorb water more easily and scale will occur, which will seriously cause the sweeper to fail to start. Therefore, it is not recommended that Sweeper drivers will not start sweeping vehicles for a long time in the South Tianli. If the Sweeper does not move for a long time, it is possible that the throttle will not run.
There is no clear case of moisture at the moment that the strategy idea has had a big impact. However, rust on the throttle will still occur. And too much water, a long time will make the exhaust pipe rust.
Reminder: After the wet days, especially after crossing the river, the sweeper must not be parked for a long time. If he is on a business trip or has other work, he can ask the partner to help drive the car or heat the car. .
Body paint dehumidification
If there is a slight crack in the body paint, if the car is open for a long time, because the rain and water vapor are acidic, then the water vapor and rainwater can easily penetrate into the bottom of the paint, eventually causing the paint to fall off. Therefore, when we were nursed up, we encountered lacquer scratches. We would do paint polishing and waxing to form a care for the sweeper paint. In the case of Nantian, it is generally recommended that the customer sweep the car driver to do so.
In general, the new car may not have any problems in two or three years. However, if the car is open for a long time, cracks in the body paint that are not easily visible to the naked eye may cause discoloration of the sweeper paint. At this point, the main thing is polishing and waxing to form a protective film for the sweeper.
Reminder: If the customer has a garage, it is best to do a polishing and waxing nursed back to health one year. If you do not have a garage, it is recommended to polish and wax twice a year. Without a garage, the most feared is that the bird's beak or the fruit falling from the trees will corrode the car paint.
In addition, after the sweeper has sprayed paint, a layer of varnish is added, so when polishing and waxing, a layer of varnish is polished and polished, and the paint is sprayed from the beginning and the varnish is sprayed. After waxing, it is finished. Painting process, therefore, polishing and waxing will not cause the paint surface to become thinner and thinner.
In general, there are two types of polishing and waxing. One is coating and the other is sealing. Coating requirements and equipment are more stringent and the process is more complicated. In general, when choosing a sweeping vehicle driver, there is no need to choose expensive, but do not choose cheap ones. The cheaper coating may be brighter, but the greater the damage to the paint, so it is appropriate to choose a moderate price when coating.
Comprehensive dehumidification method
In addition to the dehumidification and care of the above-mentioned several types of sweeping vehicle components, dehumidifiers, activated carbon and the like can also be used for dehumidification in the vehicle. There are many types of dehumidifiers, some of which can be placed on the air outlet, and some can be placed near the dashboard.
In addition, the rear tailbox is a place where it is easier for giants to neglect. Many people like to store some car washing tools and debris inside. Especially places where spare tires are placed are more prone to filth. The water vapor accumulated in deposits can easily flow into the area. Groove spare tire. If not used for a long time, the department’s sheet metal and tire change tools will rust and eventually spread to the entire chassis department. Therefore, it is best not to put unnecessary debris in the luggage compartment. In spring, the humidity will increase. When the CD is released, it will be difficult to read the disc, and it is best to scrub once every period of time. In addition, because a lot of CD cars are installed in the rear compartment, a small dehumidifying box can be placed in the rear compartment to prevent sound dampness.
Reminder: If the sweeper is parked in the parking lot in the open air for a long time in the spring, besides the rust and corrosion of the door welding and body welding department, the iron parts such as the hinges and locks inside the door will be covered by the door trim. It is damp, so when the weather is fine, the sweeper driver can find a shaded place, open all the doors and trunk lids, and allow the moisture inside the car to be exhausted and ventilated. Then remove the car's foot mat and seat cover, wash and dry.

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