Ministry of Transport: Will solve the problem of local pesticide transport resistance

The four ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Notice on the Transport of Pesticides" which was well received in the industry. Over the past two months or so, readers across the country have reported to the newspaper several times recently that road transport law enforcement agencies in some areas have refused to implement the documents because they have not received the documents and the documents have nothing to do with road transport. The pesticides belonging to ordinary goods are dangerous. Cargo handling, and buckle, fine. The responsible comrades of the Supervision Department of the Ministry of Communications stated that it will immediately organize an on-site investigation, and the situation will be handled seriously. Unreasonable fines will be refunded in full.
A letter from a company in Shandong reported that on May 7, the company sent pesticide malathion to a county in Hebei Province. When the vehicle was driven to Wuqiao County, Hebei Province, it was intercepted by personnel of the Transportation Management Department of the county's traffic bureau and was informed of the car. The top was dangerous goods, and a traffic violation notice and a specific administrative decision on traffic were issued. The company was ordered to stop operations and a fine of 30,000 yuan was imposed. Vehicles and goods were temporarily detained at designated parking lots. On May 8, the company dispatched personnel to coordinate and presented the Malathion Pesticide Registration Certificate (toxicity is low toxicity) and the “Notice of Transport of Pesticides” issued by the four ministries. However, relevant personnel of the Wuqiao County Transportation Bureau determined that the product was dangerous goods because it did not receive the document and the document was issued for the water transport department and was not related to road transport. In the absence of fruitful negotiation, the company was forced to deliver a “fine” of 6,000 yuan due to urgency of delivery. The law enforcement agency was Wuqiao County Transportation Bureau’s transportation management station.
The person in charge of this company in Shandong told reporters that on May 8 it was extremely painful to see pesticides exposed to the sun in the open air. Pesticides are special products and have strict regulations for storage. Exposures seriously affect the quality of pesticides and their prevention and control effects. They are very costly for enterprises and farmers.
Regarding cases where some departments did not receive documents or documents from the shipping department and had nothing to do with road transport, the penalty was imposed on pesticide transport vehicles. The reporter was confirmed by Chen Zhengcai, senior engineer and researcher of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport. In an interview with this reporter, he said that he has received regular telephone calls in recent days, reflecting that some places do not implement the "Notice on the Transport of Pesticides" for various reasons. Although most of the problems have been resolved through coordination among many parties, there are also a few organizations that refuse to implement them. It is suggested to increase propaganda, organize the relevant departments to learn about the spirit of notification of pesticide transportation, and expose individual violation units.
Experts in the industry proposed that new policies for studying pesticide transportation should be implemented in a two-pronged manner. In addition to the production companies that must study hard, transport and law enforcement agencies should fully interpret them so as to truly implement the new policy and play a role.
For the enterprises to reflect on the problems arising from the implementation of the “Notice on the Transport of Pesticides”, the Ministry of Transport has attached great importance to it. Deputy Director Zhang of the Supervision Department of the Ministry of Communications said that the relevant issues should be promptly organized to conduct on-site investigations. The situation is seriously treated. , Unreasonable fines are refundable.

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