Ultra-low temperature refrigerator common faults and exclusion

Ultra-low temperature refrigerator Although the refrigeration system and the control circuit are more complex, the common faults are mainly the breakdown of the circulatory system and the circuit. The following briefly introduces several common faults and their elimination methods.

1. After the power is turned on, the main power air switch is automatically disconnected

Remedy: Check whether the compressor of the primary refrigeration system is damaged. If it is damaged, it will cause a short circuit and cause power supply protection. Can replace the accessories, if there is no original parts, can be calculated to replace the considerable power of the refrigerator compressor, the pipe is welded, after checking the airtightness of the pressurized pipe vacuum and add R-12 freon 23.00z, and then boot The test is normal.

This fault is usually caused by the instability of the power supply. Because the first stage is started first, the damage is usually in the first stage. In this case, as long as the delay regulated power supply is installed, the fault will not occur again.

2. The cabinet has stopped working since the temperature has not reached the set temperature

Remedy: Although the set temperature is not reached in the cabinet, the panel display temperature has reached the set temperature. This is because the thermistor that detects the temperature is damaged and needs to be replaced. If you do not have original parts, you can reinstall a temperature control system to eliminate the malfunction.

3. Refrigerator cooling effect is reduced, people touch the metal part of the box has a feeling of electric shock

Remedy: Measure the leakage of the refrigerator with a multimeter and check with a piecewise method. When the high-temperature compressor is individually powered on, it is checked whether the entire case is charged due to the leakage of the compressor. Statically check the compressor terminal. Observe the part of the lead wire inside the motor winding. If there is a trace of ignition between the motor and the case, it indicates leakage at this point.

The method of replacing the terminal part together with a part of the surrounding housing is adopted, and the body is charged and then turned on to check whether there is a leakage phenomenon or not. After the indicators of the compressor are normal, they are put back on the base of the low-temperature refrigerator and connected to the pipeline. Leakage, evacuation, and filling with proper amount of refrigerant allow the refrigerator to resume normal operation.

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