Yuchai Group and Tianjin University formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On June 15th, Yuchai Group and Tianjin University formally signed the school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement at the group headquarters. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out deeper strategic cooperation in scientific research cooperation, personnel training, academic education, student employment, and the establishment of funds.

On the morning of the same day, Liu Jianping, party secretary of Tianjin University, Yang Xianjin, deputy secretary of the university, and Shu Gequn, vice president of the delegation, visited Yuchai. After visiting Yuchai Engineering Research Laboratory and Yuchai Heavy Machinery production workshop, Yuchai group company Chairman Gao Ping of the Board of Directors, Vice President Li Tiansheng, President Gu Tangsheng, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Jiasha and other senior executives held talks on strategic cooperation and expressed their desire and confidence in cooperation.

After the talks, the two parties held the signing ceremony of "Tianjin University - Yuchai Group established a strategic partnership agreement between school and enterprise." Yang Xianjin and Li Tiansheng jointly signed a university-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of Tianjin University and Yuchai Group.

Tianjin University is a key national university directly under the Ministry of Education. It has been working with Yuchai Group for more than 30 years in the research and development of internal combustion engines and high-level personnel training. So far, there have been more than 40 cooperation projects between the two sides. Three postdoctoral fellows from Tianjin University have entered the postdoctoral workstations of Yuchai companies and have already left the station. Four doctoral students have been assigned to Yuchai after graduation. In the past two years, Yuchai and Tianjin University have furthered their close cooperation and jointly established the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines of Tianjin University and the joint laboratory of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

The content of this strategic cooperation includes: In the field of scientific research and cooperation, Tianjin University will actively provide assistance for the research and development of Yuchai Group, and jointly promote the “Yuchai-Tianjin University young teacher service team” plan; both parties will send research with certain experience The personnel carry out project research together with each other to strengthen the exchange and training of high-end talents; further expand the cooperation field and develop long-term cooperation in the fields of technology, materials, technology and management. In terms of personnel training and introduction, Tianjin University will develop the master's degree in engineering for employees, master of business administration, and doctoral training in related disciplines for Yuchai Group, and jointly cultivate postdoctoral fellows; set up an internship base in Yuchai and organize students to practice in Yuchai; Chai invested in the establishment of the “Beijing-Yuchai Scholarship” at Tianjin University, which is used to reward and sponsor students of Tianjin University with related disciplines and excellent economic conditions. In the Department of Power Machinery and Engineering of Tianjin University, Beiyang Scholar-Yuchai was established. Professor Professor Shi’s position, in addition to completing tasks such as education and teaching, the professor of this position will complete technical development and technical exchanges commissioned by Yuchai.

The official signing of the “Tianjin University-Yuchai Group Agreement for Establishing a Strategic Partnership between Schools and Enterprises” marks a comprehensive improvement in the level and scale of cooperation between Yuchai and Tianjin University, with far-reaching significance.

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