How to use children's electric toothbrush

A small partner saw this article and felt that it was not necessary for the child to brush his teeth.
I took him down and said aloudly: “People who have pain in their teeth think that there is a kind of happiest person in the world, that is, those who do not have pain in their teeth.”

● Although the frequency of vibration of children's electric toothbrushes varies in size, in actual use, due to the different intensity of each child, it is difficult to say that the frequency of the injury is large.
● If one and a half months or so, the bristles are bent, the brushing force is moderate. If you use a few days, the bristles may come off and you may brush too hard. For 3 months, if the bristles are not bent, brushing may not be sufficient.

1. Electric toothbrushes are not recommended during tooth replacement or filling.
2, brush head remember three months or so for a change.
3. Rotary sound waves are generally larger than sound waves. (although vibration frequency sound wave type> speed type)

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